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Reactor Core Jumps Into the iOS Coding World

Owen Poindexter

Reactor Core Jumps Into the iOS Coding World's Image

This article originally appeared on the Reactor Core website.

Hack Reactor Core has acquired Mobile Makers Academy, which teaches mobile iOS app development in an 8-week course, with locations in Chicago and San Francisco. With this acquisition, we now have a top iOS-focused course in our network, as well as a footprint in the Midwest. Both of these factors mean that we can now reach students with a broader range of interests and locations.

“Mobile Makers Academy has built a successful, sustainable program, and their experience training iOS developers will be a tremendous value to our network,” says Hack Reactor Core CEO Anthony Phillips. “Our first expansions were about doing more of what we were doing already. Now we’re excited to bring in programs that offer something different from the Hack Reactor curriculum. Mobile Makers Academy was exactly what we were looking for.”

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Mobile Makers Academy features the best in iOS developer training, and a ping-pong table.

The Mobile Makers Academy program is eight weeks long and focused on learning to build iPhone and iPad apps. With tablets now usable as laptops for many people, mobile development is only becoming more prominent. With 4-week prep courses offered by four schools in the Hack Reactor Core network, our 12-week course available online, and our onsite schools in five locations, and now Mobile Makers Academy as an 8-week option, our various programs can accommodate people with a wide range of schedule flexibility.

From the perspective of Mobile Makers Academy, joining the Hack Reactor Core network provides support from an established leader in the coding school field.

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“The partnership with Hack Reactor gives us an unprecedented ability to join forces and leverage the best of both schools,” says Mobile Makers Academy Cofounder and CEO Jessi Chartier. “With their newly minted Hack Reactor Core, we gain access to resources to drive innovation while allowing our team to provide the best iOS education to every student. We look forward to changing this corner of the world with Hack Reactor.”

Mobile Makers Academy joins Hack Reactor Core network schools Hack Reactor, Hack Reactor Remote Beta, MakerSquare and Telegraph Academy. We will continue to expand where we can put our cutting edge learning tools in the hands of world-class, entrepreneurial educators.

Want to get the best coding education out there? Apply to any of our network schools today.

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