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Hack Reactor Joins the Tech Gives Back Campaign

Hack Reactor

What Is the Bay Area's Tech Gives Back Campaign?

Dearest extended and awesome HackR community,

The holiday season is upon us, and we're excited to announce that Hack Reactor will be participating in the second annual Tech Gives Back Campaign. Tech Gives Back is a coalition of Bay Area startups working together to gather food and clothing donations for a group of approved non-profit partners, including Goodwill in San Francisco and San Mateo, and the San Francisco and Marin County food banks. 

Thus far Hack Reactor has collected gently-used clothing and packaged food donations. Our team will be gathering donations until the last day of Tech Gives Back, which is November 29.

We encourage you to take advantage of this super-easy way to give back to the communities where you learn, live and work. The SF and Marin food banks' most-needed foods are soup, chili, baked beans, canned vegetables, tuna, canned meat, cereal, peanut butter, and granola bars. 

Tweet @SFTechGivesBack with the hashtag #TechGivesBack as you donate to help build buzz! 

To learn more about how you can participate, email hello@techgivesback.com, and tweet @HackReactor to let us know why you're grateful this Thanksgiving.

Why Hack Reactor's Team Is Grateful

"I'm grateful for pretty simple things: go to work with a goal in my mind, come home tired and happy to friends and family I can gather together with and make merry." - Shawn Drost, Cofounder

"I'm grateful for the enormous opportunity in front of me, to work at a place where I learn every day, and that my parents are in good health." - Cort Tafoya, Community Outreach

"I'm grateful. I've the privilege of being a member of a community of people that are as excited about life (and the aspects of it that bring them joy) as I am. It's not what we love at Hack Reactor that unites us, it's how we love it —with burning, wonderful, fiery passion." - Phillip Alexander, Curriculum and Engineering Team

"I'm thankful for the amazing community of staff and students that I get to interact with every day. I wake up giddy, excited to get to the school, because I know that there is a room full of amazingly smart and motivated people there, and together we will accomplish unbelievable things today. Daily, I am amazed by how lucky I am to be here." - Marcus Phillips, Cofounder

"We're privileged. Yes, we worked hard to get where we are, but we're lucky to have been given the chance to do so. Help give someone else a chance; you owe it to the world." Larry Davis, Instructor

"I'm grateful to be around so many people who are opinionated about things that actually matter. Everyone is constantly imbued with a sense of urgency - while that can sometimes be stressful, it produces tremendous end results. I never question my decision to associate myself with Hack Reactor." - Kevin Moore, Hacker in Residence