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Hack Reactor Launches New Alumni Program | Hack Reactor

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Hack Reactor Launches New Alumni Program | Hack Reactor's Image

Hack Reactor Launches New Alumni Program Featuring Two New Spaces

Hack Reactor supports students with the skills and resources they need to be hugely successful Software Engineers, and that continues even after they graduate. On Wednesday, Hack Reactor launched a new exciting alumni program: HRX. Two new alumni-dedicated spaces are now open, and both present an incredible resource to any alum in the Bay Area.

The Alumni Lounge, a.k.a. The Douglas, located on the 7th floor of the Hack Reactor building, is a space for alumni to relax, socialize, catch up on the latest developments at the school, and maybe play some pool.

 The Douglas is a fun space to lounge or catch up over a game of pool. 

The coworking space, on the 6th floor, is for business.

“It’s exclusively for getting things done,” says Mike Adams, head of the alumni program. Because so many people can do their jobs from anywhere, coworking spaces have become very popular for people who want some of the focus and collaborative culture that comes from a work environment. Hack Reactor’s alumni coworking space stands apart in that every person who uses it is guaranteed to have training as a Full-stack Software Engineer, and use of the space is 100% free. It is outfitted with desks, monitors, and even a treadmill desk.

 Hack Reactor's alumni coworking space offers a great view, excellent networking opportunities and a treadmill desk.

Both spaces will soon have iris scanners, which unlock the doors for registered alumni with a glance. Seriously.

The launch party was attended by around 75% of Hack Reactor alumni, some of whom flew in from other cities for the event.

In addition to the unveiling of The Douglas and the coworking space, HRX has an ongoing series of lectures, hackathons and other events planned for alumni, as well as regular cohort meetups.

Hack Reactor alumni are scattered throughout top tech companies and innovative startups. With the launch of this new phase of HRX, these connections will have spaces and networks for exciting collaborations. Our alumni network is an ever-growing source of strength empowering the Hack Reactor community.

Click on the image to see photos from the event:

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