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Hack Reactor Remote Prep: The 4-Week Coding Course for Novices

As both an onramp to our immersive course and an introduction for anyone looking to get into programming, we are now offering four-week prep courses online. Hack Reactor Remote Prep allows students all over the world to go from novice to competent and well-equipped to learn more in an accelerated timeframe. Courses start as soon as Monday, August 24 (9:00am PST, 6:30pm PST, 6:30pm EST). The cost for this 60-hour course is $600. The cost of Remote Prep  can be used toward the tuition for Hack Reactor Remote Beta, should the student get accepted and attend. Onsite prep courses are also available through our network of schools in San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles and Berkeley. See here for more info.

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Our Remote Beta and Remote Prep courses use several technologies to create a seamless experience for students and instructors.

“A lot of our students want to get into programming schools, so they are using Remote Prep as the first step in a broader career change,” says Hack Reactor Remote Prep Program Associate Josh Shaman. Shaman has found that people come to the course with a variety of motivations. Some fully intend to apply to Hack Reactor or a partner school following the course. Others are testing the waters to see if they want to be coders for their full-time career. Some simply see coding as an important skill and want to get comfortable enough to build basic apps and websites.

The course mixes lectures with solo coding and pair programming. This gives students a guided experience that allows them to establish an understanding of fundamentals through experience and by learning from each other. Pair programming has the added benefit of teaching students to communicate about code, which is a key skill in the professional world. Instructors circulate among students throughout the coding portions of the class to help students out of ruts and to iron out concepts. Class sizes are limited to 20 to allow for plenty of individual instruction.

“People coming out of Remote Prep are much better prepared for the Hack Reactor technical interview than if they just did a self-guided course like codecademy,” notes Shaman, who adds that the Remote Prep curriculum segues nicely into the Remote Beta pre-course work . “They have been exposed to the kind of community of peers and culture that Hack Reactor has, and the expectations in a programming school like Hack Reactor.”

Interested in one of our courses? Find the one that best fits your schedule and direct any questions to

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