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Play now! Student Makes Game with Leap Motion and Three.js

Hack Reactor

Play now! Student Makes Game with Leap Motion and Three.js's Image

On March 28, a team from Leap Motion came to Hack Reactor to present the Leap Motion controller and Three.js. The Leap Motion controller creates a touch-free interface, allowing one to operate a computer simply by waving their hand (a la the X-Box Kinect or the theremin), and Three.js is a Javascript tool that creates and displays 3-D objects. 

The Leap Motion team was impressed by how quickly Hack Reactor students took to these tools:

"The Hack Reactor students had a great time and picked up the new technology surprisingly quickly. The room lit up when they first unboxed the new devices and played around with some of the apps from Airspace. Dave then demoed how easy it [is[ to code for the device. Three.js and Leap.js can be combined in infinite ways – from drawing with your finger in 3D space to controlling any virtual object’s direction based on hand position."

Leap Motion wants to bring the internet into three dimensions. Hack Reactor senior Nicholas Van de Walle got that effort kicked off by going back to the original video game. Presenting, 3-D pong!

 A complete student project that's all ready for everyone to try out. Just click on the image. 

You can check out Nick's game, which has three levels and a progression of shifting perspectives, on github.


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