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Hack Reactor Students Explore Ghost, the New, JavaScript-Based Blogging Platform

Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor Students Explore Ghost, the New, JavaScript-Based Blogging Platform's Image

Blogging is almost as old as the internet itself, but blogging platforms have been slow to evolve. Ghost, a JavaScript-based platform, hopes to change that.

Launched last October, Ghost is a free, open-source blogging platform, that seeks only to get blogging right without worrying about other realms of web design and production. Here is Ghost’s founder John O'Nolan explaining his vision in Ghost's Kickstarter video:

The Kickstarter campaign was hugely successful, more than quintupling its goal of 25,000 pounds ($42,160).

JavaScript coders might enjoy perusing Ghost's github page (10,369 stars and 2,043 forks at the time of writing). Some Hack Reactor students have already dove in. 

Cho S. Kim blogged about how to install Ghost on Microsoft Azure:

Ghost may be installed on Microsoft Azure using one of many approaches. Bloggers who want to use the simplest installation process, for instance, can select Ghost as a web application from Azure's Website Gallery. Developers who want to maximize their ability for customizing Ghost, in turn, can publish Ghost from a source control system.

In this blog post, I will be describing the latter: How to install Ghost on Azure via Github.

Read on for a simple, step-by-step explanation for what to do next.

Aaron Chou, Kim's classmate at Hack Reactor and a fellow Ghost fan, explained how to add Disqus (a community building service) into Ghost.