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New Programming School for Under-served Communities

Hack Reactor

New Programming School for Under-served Communities's Image

We are excited to announce our participation in TechHire, a program announced on Monday by President Obama to provide accelerated educational opportunities to municipalities across the country. We will be working with the Obama Administration to bring our top-level coding education to underserved populations in select municipalities. The first such school will be located in Berkeley, CA, opening this summer, with plans to move to Oakland in 2016.

With our immersive online program, Remote Beta, we have shown the ability to scale our curriculum to a wider audience with equal quality to the onsite program. This makes us an ideal candidate for the TechHire program, which connects top training programs to participating cities and towns.

It doesn’t matter where you learn to code, it should matter how good you are at writing code.
— President Barack Obama

“TechHire communities are going to help employers link up and find and hire folks based on their actual skills and not just their resumes. While four-year degrees are still important, we have the opportunity to promote what are called ‘coding bootcamps’ or online programs that can teach these skills at a fraction of the cost,” the President explained. “These new models have the potential to reach underserved communities.”

President Obama announced the program at the League of Cities convention:

Tech Hire acknowledges both that the job market has a huge and growing demand for skilled coders, and that education itself is in the midst of a paradigm shift. Hack Reactor has been a pioneer in this shift with our focus on rapid-iteration education.

This “incredible economic opportunity” will “change the way we think about training and hiring the workers of tomorrow,” Obama noted. "It doesn’t matter where you learn to code, it should matter how good you are at writing code."

Our first major initiative with TechHire will be a school for underserved groups, based in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. This school will bring our world-class curriculum to groups who have not seen the same benefits as others from the Bay Area tech boom. The East Bay, with its proximity to Silicon Valley and burgeoning tech scene, is an ideal location for our first TechHire programming school. Keep an eye on our website, as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates on the this school and future locations.

Want to receive the best outcome-focused coding education out there? Apply to our program, online or onsite, today.