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Hack Reactor to Reserve Scholarship for Person Affected by Travel Ban

Shawn Drost

Hack Reactor to Reserve Scholarship for Person Affected by Travel Ban's Image

We founded Hack Reactor to empower driven people to change their lives. Since the beginning, we have worked to strip away barriers to our course related to affluence, geography and educational background. This drives our work with RBK, a coding bootcamp in Jordan that holds half its seats for Syrian refugees, and Code.7370, a unique coding program within San Quentin State Prison. In light of the Trump Administration’s executive order banning immigration from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia, we have decided to reserve a full scholarship for a citizen of one of these countries. The recipient will take our course through Hack Reactor Remote, our immersive online program. We are also extending the current scholarship application period to March 3 for all applicants.

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Hack Reactor Remote has trained software engineers on every continent.

The coding bootcamp field has allowed a more diverse group to enter the tech sector, because it allows those without a background in computer science to quickly become software engineers. However, coding bootcamps have had demographic issues of their own, often skewing male and not significantly moving the needle on underrepresented groups in tech.

We launched our scholarship program late last year to address this issue. We are committing $1.3 million over two years to full scholarships, half of which are reserved for women, LGTBQ individuals and people of color underrepresented in STEM. These groups face challenges and obstacles to entering the tech world, but for citizens of the countries affected by the travel ban, the difficulties may seem nearly insurmountable. By ensuring that one of those affected is able to take our program, we are taking a small but powerful direct action to include people who are experiencing a very forceful form of exclusion.

Learn more about our scholarship program and apply. For students who are still building skills toward an immersive coding bootcamp, our best-in-class prep program is now freely available online.


Top photo: Izzy Gerosa, The Sky