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Hack Reactor, Twitter & BAVC Announce "Level The Field" Scholarship

Hack Reactor is thrilled to announce the Level the Field scholarship, in coordination with Twitter for Good and the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC). We turn motivated people with some coding skill into full-stack programmers in an intense 12 weeks. Scholarship recipients receive the full $17,800 Hack Reactor tuition and social support from BAVC.

The view from Hack Reactor's classroom window.

The view from Hack Reactor's classroom window.

Hack Reactor sits smack in the middle of downtown San Francisco, in a mix of incredible wealth and people struggling to make ends meet. This juxtaposition is a motivating force for Hack Reactor, which is committed to fighting economic inequality. San Francisco is both the center of the tech boom and the U.S. capital of experimentation and reinvention. While the traditional American dream has sputtered in many industries, programming has the power to turn human energy into incredible opportunity, and Hack Reactor has proven just how capable it is at making that happen. Grads have a 99.2% hiring rate and a $105,000 average starting salary. The program unlocks a staggering amount of human potential, and the Level the Field scholarship will bring that capability to people who might not otherwise be able to access it.

The Hack Reactor building sits in Mid-Market San Francisco.

The Hack Reactor building sits in Mid-Market San Francisco.

The first recipient of the Level the Field scholarship is Xianhui Feng, a student who learned about this opportunity through the BAVC's Bridges program in career readiness. Xianhui received a full scholarship to Hack Reactor's 12 week intensive coding program, and 8 months of support from BAVC after the program is completed. Hack Reactor CoFounder Shawn Drost is delighted to have her.

Xianhui Feng is the first recipient of the Level the Field scholarship.

Xianhui Feng is the first recipient of the Level the Field scholarship.

“Xianhui taught herself enough to get some light contract work, and she immediately turned around and started tutoring others at BAVC," Shawn explained.  We’re so happy to have her in the school.  Today was her first day of class and we shared an earth-shattering high five.”

After the Hack Reactor program, Xianhui will continue to receive career prep and soft skill support from BAVC.

“The career support Xianhui will receive from BAVC, combined with the training from Hack Reactor, will help her to compete for jobs that would have previously been out of reach," said BAVC Executive Director Carol Varney. "BAVC and Hack Reactor together will help with both building Xianhui's personal network and her tech skills. With this training, Xianhui will be able to reduce the barriers to meaningful employment as a programmer.”

Hack Reactor is committed to using the disruptive power of coding to lift up its community one person at a time.

Interested in the scholarship? Our partner, BAVC, does the first evaluation of candidates. We recommend exploring their website as a first step, and reaching out to them. You can also begin to learn more about Hack Reactor here. The application process takes time and requires specific skills, so a self-assessment to make sure our program is a fit for your goals and skill level is a good next step.

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