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Hack Reactor's Call for Open-Source Projects

Shawn Drost

Next week, participants in Hack Reactor's software engineering program will be embarking on a two-week-long sprint devoted to open-source projects. If you're a project maintainer and would like some or all of the twenty hungry coders to tackle your issue backlog, please read on.


Hack Reactor is the coding school that teaches software engineering the way you wish it was taught. Our curriculum is intensely practical (git-based, project-oriented) but we focus on establishing strong fundamental skills (rigorous thinking, confidence in unfamiliar environments, managing complexity through modularity and interface design).

Our programming bootcamp students come from varied backgrounds (professional software developers, CS program dropouts, lawyers/scientists/financiers) but they're uniformly smart and awesome to work with. At this point in the program, they're all capable of tackling fairly complex issues without hand-holding.

Read more curriculum details here, and about our programming school's instructors. 

The Open-Source Sprint

From 7/16 to 7/26, the upcoming graduates will be embarking on the open-source portion of our curriculum. This part of our program is designed to give participants more experience with working in larger codebases. We'd also like them to all consider themselves open-source contributors prior to leaving the program, and to demystify the open source process and give them a template for future contributions.

What We're Looking For

Active open-source projects with involved maintainers that merge good PRs quickly. A solid backlog of github issues to address (or a maintainer that's excited about building one), ideally with some issues tagged as "easy." Optional, but very sweet: a collaborator that is excited about building the number of open-source contributors. Cherry on top: local to the San Francisco/Bay Area; willing to visit 944 Market for a kickoff and/or other visits.

What You Can Expect

  1. Tests.
  2. Clear commit messages.
  3. Quick turnaround on PR feedback.
  4. Awesome, motivated contributors.
  5. Active mentorship from our staff, including former developers at Google, Twitter, and Adobe and contributors to Sails, Salt, Meteor, and more.

Next Steps

Email shawn@hackreactor.com with a repo link + a short personal introduction. We'll select projects by Friday, 7/12.


If you're interested in hiring our development bootcamp engineers, come to the October 22 hiring mixer.