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Have an App Idea but No Coding Ability? Skill Up in 4 Weeks from Anywhere

Owen Poindexter

Have an App Idea but No Coding Ability? Skill Up in 4 Weeks from Anywhere's Image

Our Remote Prep course, which teaches the fundamentals of web and app development, has been a big hit with students. The course has proven far superior to self-study, and many students go on to our immersive Remote software engineering bootcamp. This is due to both the curriculum itself and the support of instructors and peers throughout.

“Remote Prep is structured with the essentials in mind—not just the course material, but also the skills any competent developer should have,” says Jeff Cousins, who went on to Remote Beta. “The class kicked off with pair programming on day one. We worked on several projects to test and cement our understanding throughout the four weeks. Being part of a class of driven, like-minded people made my learning engaging and fun. We learned how to think like programmers and how to communicate our code-based thoughts.”

Remote Prep is an online course, but it is radically different from the vast majority of online offerings. Students learn in a collaborative environment five days a week for four weeks. By the end, they are comfortable with many facets and nuances of JavaScript and developer practices such as pair programming and version control.

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Our Remote Prep program helps people gain fluency with web development.

“From the first day of class, I was exposed to so many interesting topics that fostered personal growth and learned web fundamentals,” says Kai You, who went from a complete beginner to enrolled in Remote Beta. “From my first line of Javascript to my first Ajax call, every step was mentored by the awesome instructors at Remote Prep. Everyone in the program, including my peers, were so nice and kind. Everyone cared about helping each other through many different technologies and programming concepts. The material for the course is top notch, from functional programming in Javascript, HTML fundamentals, CSS layouts, Jquery, Ajax, Github immersion and MVCs. I was exposed to so many different technologies, and most important, instructors who knew how to teach and practice these technologies and concepts.”

Many Remote Prep students first tried self-guided courses, but, as Cousins explains, it’s “easy to get lost, bored, or overwhelmed” when trying to learn to code by oneself. Remote Prep proves to be far more efficient by being equally hands-on as a self-guided course with personalized mentorship to keep students progressing at a rapid pace.

“For me, the Prep program brought together things I had been learning in total isolation,” explains Nissa Wollum, who is currently taking our 12-week immersive course. “From the very first days we manipulated HTML with JQuery and Javascript in a real environment. We used real tools and loaded actual things we had made onto the actual internet! Now in Remote Beta there is still a lot that is new to me but Remote Prep definitely started to build for me that infrastructure that is not obvious when you're just solving Eloquent JS problems or working through Code School.”

If you are one of the many people who would like to get into coding, but don’t know where to start, give strong consideration to Remote Prep. For some people, like Kai You, it is an incredible skills catalyst:

“At the end of the program, I successfully applied and got into Hack Reactor Remote Beta. Four weeks can change your life completely. Remote Prep has completely changed my life for the better!”

The next Remote Prep course starts November 16th. Reactor Core also offers Prep courses through many of their onsite schools.

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