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How cryptography works in network traffic

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How cryptography works in network traffic

Understanding how cryptography works is important to the delivery of your application data. To address this topic, we recently hosted a free learning session called How Cryptography Works in Network Traffic, co-hosted by Curtis Schlak (our VP of Professional Development) and Anne Henmi (CISSP, Cybersecurity Curriculum Developer at Galvanize).

In case you missed it live, we recorded the session, which reveals the inner workings of TCP/IP and its support for security at its different layers. After you watch the recording, you’ll understand some of the technical details related to how network protocols work, including their support for cryptographic communications.

Click here to view the video

This topic of discussion was pulled from Week 3 of our Networking + Reactive Programming course. Learn more about the course here, including a breakdown of what’s covered during each course session.