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How Hack Reactor’s Online Immersive Coding Program is Different from Any Online Learning You’ve Experienced

Hack Reactor

How Hack Reactor’s Online Immersive Coding Program is Different from Any Online Learning You’ve Experienced's Image

When most people think of an online learning course, they usually imagine watching recorded lectures in their free time. There may be assignments and tests that mirror those taken in an onsite class, and maybe even scheduled chat times about the material, which are usually optional and sparsely attended. That’s the basic picture of most Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs). Then there are more interactive self-paced courses, like those of CodeAcademy, in which students progress through a series of assignments.

Hack Reactor Remote Beta is an entirely new kind of online course: it is more immersive, time-intensive and social than nearly any other course, live or online.

programming school, online learning, distance learning, coding Hack Reactor Remote Beta is a more interactive and social experience than most onsite programs.

At the core of the Hack Reactor Remote Beta course is pair-programming. Learned material is immediately put into action through pair-programming sessions, in which students use video chat and a shared code doc to work together. When coding alone, people tend to spend an inordinate amount of time working through roadblocks, and this saps motivation and encourages distraction. Pair-programming allows students to learn from each other, produce cleaner code, and maintain forward momentum. Distraction issues are virtually eliminated. Pairing also shows students how others think about code and work through problems, cultivating a more rounded mindset in each individual.

When the pair does hit a snag, Hack Reactor Instructors are on call eleven hours a day to respond to issues, and turn difficulties into a learning experience.

On a typical day at Hack Reactor Remote Beta, students pair-program for 7-8 hours. For most, the time flies by, and our support staff is ready to solve any issues or conflicts between students when they arise.

 Here is the basic timeline of the Hack Reactor Remote Beta program.

While that would cover the hours of most full-time jobs, Hack Reactor Remote Beta involves a greater time commitment. Students watch lectures, with an instructor present online to address questions and provide additional instruction. Lectures are tagged with questions for each student to answer, which helps students stay engaged and Instructors measure student uptake. Instructors may announce a breakout video chat session as they see fit.

Throughout the entire course, students are led by instructors, supported by peers, and experience tremendous personal and professional growth. While, the onsite programs beginning in October and December are currently full, there are still spots open for Hack Reactor Remote Beta. The next Remote Beta courses begin on October 27 and December 8. More questions? Email our Admissions Team. Ready to take the plunge? Apply today!

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