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How to prepare for an online coding bootcamp

Hack Reactor

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By Sarah Kuta for Hack Reactor

Preparing for an online coding bootcamp might seem intimidating at first, especially if you’re a beginner. After all, these programs are intensive and life-changing. 

But with a little bit of research and a lot of determination, you can set yourself up to succeed in your online coding bootcamp. You’ll be weighing job offers from top companies like Amazon and Google before you know it. 

Prep Courses

Our online coding bootcamp prep programs start before you even apply to a bootcamp. Why? Because Hack Reactor’s coding bootcamp is unlike any other — it’s incredibly rigorous and we want you to be ready.

You can still apply to a bootcamp without taking our prep program, but you’ll need to study hard ahead of time and get up to speed on your own so that you can benefit fully from the program, which takes a much deeper dive than other bootcamps.

Of course, because of that, you’ll come out the other side fully prepared to take on a career as a mid-level software engineer.

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To get you properly prepared for any coding bootcamp, you really should consider our prep programs.

To start, you’ll want to explore Hack Reactor’s two online prep course offerings, which typically span five to seven weeks. 

The free prep course lets you study the materials on your own terms and at your own pace. The free course is a great option if you’re already a self-starter and you don’t need any help staying on target. It features:

  • Tons of Javascript exercises to help you nail the fundamentals.

  • The chance to boost your independence as a coder.

  • A flexible timeline — no set deadlines or meetings.

  • A self-study format that allows you to set the direction of your prep.

If you could use a little more structure in your prep, consider the Hack Reactor Premium Prep course, which incorporates real-time support, set hours and a community of other learns to help you stay accountable. 

The premium course is $250, but Hack Reactor will deduct that amount from your tuition bill if you end up enrolling in the online coding bootcamp, which makes it essentially free. It features:

  • Zoom video conferencing meetups and Slack conversations with a community of prep students.

  • A schedule with dedicated hours to help you stay on track.

  • Lots of Javascript exercises to give you valuable hands-on experience.

  • On-demand one-on-one coaching when you need it, plus access to teaching assistants during class time.

No matter which prep course format you choose, you’ll be getting a high-quality crash course in Javascript, one of the most in-demand coding languages in the industry right now.

Javascript is a popular programming language that helps make web pages interactive and responsive for the end user. This text-based language is a mainstay on both the client-side and the server-side, which opens up even more job opportunities for you once you master Javascript.


The prep work doesn’t stop there. Once you apply and get accepted to the program, you’ll deepen your Javascript knowledge base even further with Hack Reactor’s precourse program.

This self-study program lasts approximately 80 hours and will help you hit the ground running when your 12-week online coding bootcamp starts.

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Staying Motivated

It’s no secret that Hack Reactor’s online coding bootcamp is incredibly challenging. But it’s also incredibly rewarding and can set you on the fast track for revamping your life.

In order to succeed during your online coding bootcamp prep and beyond, it’s important to keep your end goals top of mind. Why are you doing this? What are your priorities? Where do you want your career to go? How do you picture yourself in three, five, or even 10 years?

Shifting your mindset toward the future will help you stay motivated when your prep work becomes challenging.

If you want to transform your career and earn a six-figure salary at companies like Facebook, NASA, PayPal, Microsoft, and Uber, it’s much easier to stay focused and committed to the program.

Plus, you should know that you’ll never be chasing your dreams alone. When you successfully complete Hack Reactor’s online coding bootcamp, you’ll work with a team of career services specialists who will help you maximize your resume and your online presence. They’ll give you interview prep tips and advice, and give you the skills to nail salary negotiations.

When you’re sitting in your new office or collaborating with your new work team, you’ll reflect back on the time you spent preparing for and completing the online coding bootcamp. And it will all be worth it.

Shifting Your Mindset

There’s another subtle change you can make to help prepare for your online coding bootcamp: Your mindset.

Hack Reactor instructors have thousands of hours of experience teaching people Javascript. Over the years, they’ve found that people with a growth mindset tend to perform better than others.

This so-called growth mindset is a well-known psychological phenomenon. Basically, it means that some people believe they can tackle any challenge they encounter, so long as they have access to the right information and tools. Other people without this growth mindset assume that they were born with a certain limited set of gifts and skills which cannot be improved upon with hard work or study.

Consider your own approach to problems. If you can shift your mindset to one of growth, then you’re well on your way to thriving in Hack Reactor’s online coding bootcamp prep and beyond. It may not sound like much, but this subtle shift in your thinking can make all the difference.