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Hiring manager: How to stand out in the software engineering talent pool

Hack Reactor

Hiring manager: How to stand out in the software engineering talent pool

By Kaitlin Bloom for Hack Reactor

Software engineer bootcamp graduates should know their value and master their personal story.

That was the advice from an experienced engineer turned hiring manager during a recent event hosted online (click here for video) by Galvanize’s Denver and Boulder Campuses.

Graduates should emphasize what makes them unique and stand out, according to Minh Pham, a previous hiring and engineer manager at Ibotta who now helps entry-level and junior developers with career development.

Below are some tips Pham passed along to attendees of the event.

Who are hiring managers looking to hire?

  1. Someone who really wants to make an impact on our customers.

  2. A strong team player who can lead the team.

  3. Someone who cares about the product and would want to use it themselves.

  4. Someone who is an independent learner and who I can rely on to hunt for answers and unblock themselves.

Hiring Manager’s advice on ways to make yourself stand out in a talent pool

  • Master your story and tell it in a compelling well that is unique and makes you stand out. Career pivot individuals have an incredibly powerful story and experiences that work as competitive advantages. Use your unique skills and life experiences to build your personal brand and social capital. For example, teachers make amazing engineers, with their refined ability to teach other people, which happens to be a large part of engineering. 

  • Specialize.

  • Don’t focus as much on projects, instead focus on things that make you unique and make you stand out. 

  • Ease your mind by reminding yourself there isn’t a shortage of companies needing engineers. Tech is not slowing down. There are more and more companies that are wanting to adopt technologies and they need people to achieve that.

  • Don’t overanalyze your resume. You can make some small changes that will make a big impact.

Top 3 attributes to a successful developer:

  • Genuinely fascinated with learning. It’s no secret that a career in software engineering requires constant learning and skill improvement. 

  • Great teammate. Software engineering is a team sport, be a good team player and pick up your fellow engineers when they fall down.

  • Inquisitive. Ask why things are the way they are and desire to make things better.

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