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Image Search Entrepreneur Adrian Rosebrock Explains Computer Vision to Alumni

Hack Reactor

Image Search Entrepreneur Adrian Rosebrock Explains Computer Vision to Alumni's Image

Image search entrepreneur and computer science PhD Adrian Rosebrock gave a talk to our alumni network about computer vision--the processing and categorization of images by software. Rosebrock is a leading figure in the field of image search, having started two successful image search engines. He founded Chic Engine, a fashion search engine which allows users to search by image instead of keyword, and ID My Pill, which allows users to take a snapshot of a prescription drug and quickly learn what it is. Now he is launching a course on the nuances of computer vision and Python-based image search.

You can watch Rosebrock’s talk and Q&A session here:

“It was really cool to see the powerful applications of OpenCV and the areas of computer vision he would cover in his kickstarter,” said alum Kia Fathi. “I can definitely see the value proposition of learning from his skillset, and being able to build an image search is something I am really interested in.”

Rosebrock was thrilled to connect with the Hack Reactor community.

"Without a doubt, Hack Reactor is one of the most special, unique communities of programmers and developers I've spoken with -- and in the best way possible,” said Rosebrock. “I had a blast talking with the alumni and fielding their questions related to computer vision and how to get started in the area. If you're invited by Hack Reactor to do a talk, don't think twice about it -- just do it. It's without a doubt worth it."

The talk focused on the mechanisms behind image search and what Rosebrock’s course will cover.

“Computer vision is everywhere whether you realize it or not,” Rosebrock explained. Security, medical, gaming and even retail applications have our world blanketed in systems that can recognize specific objects, facial expressions, body movements and much more.

Now that everyone has a camera in their pocket, and more and more of our world is being documented visually, the market for computer vision is only getting stronger.

“If you’re a web developer, you could differentiate yourself from other contractors who are looking to bid on jobs,” Rosebrock noted. “Computer vision has been around for fifty years, but it’s not until the last five to ten years when it’s really become popular."

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