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Tech Industry Ranks Hack Reactor as a Top School

Hack Reactor

Tech Industry Ranks Hack Reactor as a Top School's Image

Industry Rankings Place Hack Reactor as a Top School in the World

To get a handle on the growing coding school industry, tech education website Switchup collected information and rankings on over one hundred programs around the world. Though Switchup chose not to rank these schools, Tech Cocktail used their ratings to list each school by score, and used number of ratings as a tiebreaker. With a perfect score of 5.0, Hack Reactor ranked as the top school in San Francisco, and the second school worldwide. Partner school MakerSquare came in as the second leading school in San Francisco.

Switchup, in addition to providing the overall list, provided a broad look at accelerated learning programs such as ours:

“The intensity of programming immersion allows students to move up the learning curve at a rate far greater than self-paced learning, weekly classes, or even a university curriculum would typically allow,” Switchup observes. “Though many schools and universities offer computer science classes, their focus often falls heavily on theory, forgoing real-world practices and industry technologies used on a day-to-day basis.”

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Tech Cocktail ranked as the top school in San Francisco and second worldwide, using ratings gathered by Switchup.

Switchup based their evaluation on student feedback, which they collect for over 100 coding schools. Students provide a rating and some thoughts on their experience. Thirty students have reviewed Hack Reactor on Switchup, and each has given the school 5 stars out of 5. This support is echoed on our Yelp page.  

As the coding school industry grows and matures, our ability to compare schools numerically will improve. We keep close track of our outcome data and student feedback, as well as several internal measures. Most important among these are the reports from our students and alumni. Their success and satisfaction is how we ultimately judge ourselves. With this sentiment in mind, Switchup included quotes from students of each school.

“What I will say is this: The students and teachers here are the smartest and most productive people I've met in my life so far; everyone here from the staff and teachers to the whiz kid in your class (and trust me, this will almost certainly not be you) will push you to become better every single day,” writes alum Joey Yang, a UX Engineer at Google.

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