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Instructor Marcus Phillips Teaches Dynamic & Inspiring Training Track at 2014 JS Conf

Hack Reactor

Instructor Marcus Phillips Teaches Dynamic & Inspiring Training Track at 2014 JS Conf's Image

Instructor Marcus Phillips teaches this year’s Training Track at JS Conf, from May 27-30. JS Conf is among the premier JavaScript conferences in the country, and the Training Track is a program to bring novice programmers up to speed with JavaScript. As a lead instructor at Hack Reactor, Marcus is quite adept at packing a lot of information into a short period of time, and that’s exactly what this key role at JS Conf called for.  

 Students at the JS Conf Training Track take pictures of the culminating slide in one of Marcus Phillips' presentations. PHOTO: Kwyn Meagher, @HarleyKwyn

Marcus isn't afraid to use his body to augment the presentation:

 PHOTO: Kwyn Meagher, @HarleyKwyn. Kwyn, a TA at JS Conf is a Full-stack software engineer, programming polyglot and machine learning enthusiast.

Marcus teaches nine classes, packed into two days. He is joined by a team from Hack Reactor, who act as Teaching Assistants, so that all the participants can receive individual attention when needed. Marcus’ Training Track focuses on issues where JavaScript self-studiers tend to get stuck. The idea is that it would be impossible to give a full JavaScript education in two days, but this will allow motivated individuals to reach a high level through Marcus’ targeted course and their own studies.

 Marcus Phillips presents a focused, interactive lesson at JS Conf. PHOTO: Kwyn Meagher, @HarleyKwyn

One engineer who attended offers this glowing praise:

“I thought I knew JavaScript before I attended your Training Track. Now I know so much more.”

The Training Track material offers a glimpse of what students learn at Hack Reactor. The curriculum was pulled from various parts of Hack Reactor’s pre-course material and its first weeks of instruction. Given what Marcus is able to accomplish in two days, it’s no surprise that three months at Hack Reactor is a transformative experience for students, personally and professionally. If you are interested in making that leap, we encourage you to apply today!

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