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Intuit, JPMorgan Chase, Autodesk and Many More Companies Thoroughly Impressed with Hack Reactor Grads at Hiring Day

Hack Reactor

Intuit, JPMorgan Chase, Autodesk and Many More Companies Thoroughly Impressed with Hack Reactor Grads at Hiring Day's Image

Intuit, Indiegogo, JPMorgan Chase, Autodesk and over 20 other companies attended our Hiring Day on October 14, and their representatives were thoroughly impressed with our graduating class. Many employers in attendance had been to multiple hiring days in the past, but there were plenty of first-timers as well. All of them found that our Software Engineers are equipped with the most relevant technologies and are able to make a positive impact on an engineering team right away.

"The students here definitely seem to be a lot better prepared and a lot more knowledgeable than students in other schools," said Ian Selby of Yuzu.

 Our graduating Software Engineers had a series of lightning interviews with interested employers at Hiring Day.

The day consisted of student product presentations, followed by a series of ten-minute lightning interviews between students and hiring companies. Our Hiring Team works to ensure that employers and students are optimally matched by skills and mutual interest ahead of time, and many of the conversations at Hiring Day lead to a formal first interview.

“The quality of people is really impressive,” noted a representative from Mphasis. “They did a fantastic job with their projects.”

The projects, which students built in small teams over three weeks, ranged from animation libraries to apps for bitcoin to a 3D-printed drone operated using a Tessel microchip.

“The presentations were amazing,” said Chris Cox of Intuit. “There was stuff in there I was very impressed by.”

Most student projects were independent products built from scratch, but a few teams worked for clients during the project period. 

“I was astounded at the amount of work that two engineers could kick up in three weeks having no prior knowledge of what they’d be working on,” said Matt Maurer of Stroll Health, which took on a Hack Reactor student team for three weeks. “It seems like the threshold of candidates that exit the  program is continually getting higher.” 

Maurer worked closely with the Hack Reactor team at Stroll Health, and saw first-hand how well prepared they are for professional life.

“I think the biggest takeaway was that they were able to hit the ground running. They were as good as any developer I’ve managed. Made my life very easy.”

Our program replicates many of the most salient and challenging features of a work environment, so it’s no surprise that our students are able to step from the program to a work environment and succeed on day one.

“We’ve hired quite a few people from here,” said Kiran Kaza of JPMorgan Chase. “They’re doing well. We’re pretty happy with that.”

Interested in attending our next hiring day? Contact our hiring team at hiring@hackreactor.com. Want to be in the next class of top Software Engineers, apply to Hack Reactor today (both remote and onsite programs available)!

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