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Apply for Hack Reactor Scholarships! | Hack Reactor

Owen Poindexter

Apply for Hack Reactor Scholarships! | Hack Reactor's Image

Apply for the Next Round of Hack Reactor Scholarships! 

After a successful first round, we have reopened our scholarship application! The first round brought us countless excellent applicants, more than 40% of whom identified as Women, People of Color and LGBTQ--this shows good progress in our push for a more diverse tech workforce.

We are excited to meet the next group. That means you! Here’s how to apply for a full scholarship to Hack Reactor:

  1. Head over to our scholarships page and fill out the initial application form.

  2. Make a video! As before, we are asking applicants to make a 2-minute video explaining how to do something. In our last round, we had everything from how to fry an egg to how to find your life’s purpose. See below for some examples. Your video does not need to be professionally produced--just use the tools you have and have fun with it.

  3. Apply to Hack Reactor. In addition to the scholarship requirements, you must also pass our normal application process. If you need to prepare, our free, online prep course is the best way to get ready.

What can you do for your scholarship video? The sky’s the limit. Ever the teacher, our Chief Academic Officer Marcus Phillips created an example video of how to do the dance to the Con Bro Chill hit “What I Like” with some help from Instructor Allen Price along with enthusiastic students and staff.

You don’t need a team of backup dancers to make a good video. Here are our scholarship winners and the videos they created.

Josh Hickman showed us how to put a music sample into a song and make it your own. Lydia Demissachew guided us through creating an origami crane.

Misaki Matsumoto explained how to introduce yourself in Japanese. Guedis Steven Cardenis walked through building a habit-forming app.

Elizabeth Stevic and her adorable son Mikael, showed us the parts of the body in Spanish. Guillermo Blanco walked us through making traditional Cuban coffee.

Want to join them? The next window for scholarship applications is January 23rd to Friday March 10th, and the time to get started is now!

Want another shot at a full-ride to Hack Reactor? We have partnered up with Docker and they are offering a Hack Reactor Scholarship. See here for details. The deadline for the Docker scholarship is February 10th.