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Joint Statement by App Academy, DevBootcamp, Hackbright Academy, Hack Rector, Zipfian Academy

Shawn Drost

The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), a California regulatory agency under the Department of Consumer Affairs, has contacted us regarding our status under their regulations.  We welcome appropriate oversight in our fledgling industry, and are in close discussions with the BPPE to define our classification and take appropriate next steps.

The assembled companies are App Academy, Dev Bootcamp, Hackbright Academy, Hack Reactor, and Zipfian Academy.  Since 2011, our workforce development programs have been operating in California, offering hands-on training for coding novices.  Thousands of individuals have participated, often finding high-paying employment in the field, and the programs themselves employ hundreds of individuals.  We are a valuable, thriving, and well-intentioned sector of California’s economy and workforce development, and our programs offer high-demand skills training to unemployed and underemployed Californians.