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JP Morgan Chase, Change.org, DocuSign & 30+ Employers Interview Grads on Hiring Day

Hack Reactor

JP Morgan Chase, Change.org, DocuSign & 30+ Employers Interview Grads on Hiring Day's Image

JP Morgan Chase, DocuSign, Change.org, and many more companies gathered at Hiring Day to conduct interviews with our graduating students. The day started with student teams demoing the projects they worked on in the last weeks of the course. Projects ranged from a home monitoring system, to a Tinder-like job search app, to a visual display of worldwide Twitter data using the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion controller.

“The demos were quite good,” said Eugene Loch, Chief Architect at Life Assist Technologies.

“The thing that I like was the enthusiasm,” noted Jeff Mroczkowski of Netpulse.

coding, hiring, jobs, coding jobs, coding schoolGraduating students demoed their products for employers on Hiring Day.

From there, students and employers met for a series of ten-minute lightning interviews. Students and companies are pre-matched by our Hiring Team to optimize the chances of a fruitful meeting. Often these sessions lead to a formal first interview.

“A lot of people here have more real world maturity [than candidates outside of Hack Reactor], and they have the tech skills to go along with it,” observed Kris Degaust, Senior Engineering Manager at Change.org. “It’s easier to transition these people into a job.”

“Two of my best developers are Hack Reactor devs,” said Brandcast’s Dan Lynch. “I was really impressed by the full spectrum qualities the school filters for: personality, people you want to work with, but also very intelligent, and pick things up very quickly."

“I want to hire everyone,” gushed Tony Chen of Pantry Labs.

Many of the employers were returning to the school, having already hired Hack Reactor graduates in the past.

“We’ve hired several people from Hack Reactor,” said Chad LaFontaine of JP Morgan Chase. “So far, so good. “

“We hired three the first time around, and one more since then,” said Tim Catlin of Change.org. “They are great. There’s enough overlap in our tech stack [with what Hack Reactor teaches] that it’s been a very quick learning curve.”

“They ramped up really quick,” said Mike Milne of Netpulse of the Hack Reactor grads they have hired. “They’re motivated, work hard, and enjoy what they’re doing.”

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