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Kiva, PopSugar, Rdio & More Interview Graduates at Hiring Day

Hack Reactor

Kiva, PopSugar, Rdio & More Interview Graduates at Hiring Day's Image

Hack Reactor held another successful Hiring Day, in which our graduating students presented projects and interviewed with employers, many of whom had hired students in the past and were coming back for more. We also welcomed 18 new companies to Hiring Day, including PopSugar, Rdio and Wonder Workshop. The day marks the official start of the job search for our students, as they transition from Hack Reactor to the workforce.

As usual, Hiring Day started with student groups presenting the projects they had built in the final weeks of the program.

“I was blown away by the talent,” says Kris Mora of Creative Channel Services. “The talent that comes out of here is just more polished [than other coding schools]. Students here have everything from design sensibilities, to technical chops, to business ideas.”

Many employers made note of the technologies students used, some of which are part of our curriculum, and others that specific student groups had learned for the purpose of using in their project.

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The conversations at Hiring Day frequently lead to a formal first interview

“Some of the demos were incredibly interesting,” observes James Wu of Minted. “I was actually working on a project that used the same library one project was parsing with. It’s crazy that those were only 3 or 4 week projects.”

Hack Reactor is the pulse of what’s hot in tech.
— James Yothers, JP Morgan Chase

“[The school] seems to be teaching the core things required by the industry,” adds Gaurav Rastogi of Avi Networks.

“Hack Reactor is the pulse of what’s hot in tech,” says James Yothers, an alum returning to Hiring Day as a representative of JP Morgan Chase. “If you want to know what’s going to be big next year, it’s what people are doing right now at Hack Reactor. In Software Development, so much is about what you know right now. At Hack Reactor, it’s cutting edge.”

After the demos, students met individually with employers for a series of ten-minute interviews. Our Hiring Team puts in a lot of work prior to the event to match students and employers by fit and mutual interest. These conversations give both sides a chance to get to know each other, and frequently lead to a formal first interview.

tech jobs, sf jobs, hack reactor, coding bootcamp, hiring day

Hiring Day started with presentations from student groups.

“I’m always impressed with the people I meet,” says Mei Chen of famo.us. “Everyone’s been a great fit. Over half of our Engineering team is hired from Hack Reactor.” (This is not an exaggeration.)

“It’s been a blast,” says Kiva’s Rick Levenson. “The thing--particularly for our needs--that impresses me the most: the backgrounds of people are really varied. To me, understanding the world is a critical element of what makes a good Software Engineer.”

Rastogi echoes this sentiment:

“It’s always exciting to see different kinds of people. Hack Reactor has managed to remain diverse.”

“I’ve interviewed people from other venues, and it’s painful,” says Yothers. “There are so many Developers that have been doing this for a few years, and they’re not as good as people who are doing it here for three months. Just the quality of people that come through these doors is inspiring.”

As both an alum and an employer, Yothers has a unique understanding of the value that Hack Reactor brings.

“One thing I learned here that definitely translates is learning things quickly and implementing them quickly. Every week of implementing a new project [at JP Morgan Chase] is literally millions of dollars. You have to prioritize and do things quickly. I think Hack Reactor’s greatest asset is not actually learning how to program, it’s learning how to think. It gives you that confidence to learn things quickly. [Traditional] school taught you to plod along and do busy work and get straight A’s. Hack Reactor teaches you real life skills. If you want to learn something in real life, you don’t pick up a textbook and read about it for three months, you start doing it and figure it out.”

Want to meet our next round of graduates? Get in touch with our Hiring Team.

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