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Know Basic JavaScript and Looking to Level Up? Check Out Hack Reactor Junior!

Hack Reactor

Know Basic JavaScript and Looking to Level Up? Check Out Hack Reactor Junior!'s Image

While online classes are generally enough to get a dedicated self-studier started on JavaScript, there is a dearth of resources to bring learners up to an intermediate level. This is especially true for in-person classes, which generally start from zero or from a level of significant comfort with JavaScript. That’s where Hack Reactor Junior, a one-week JavaScript fundamentals class, comes in.

 Bianca Gandolfo, JavaScript Evangelist at Hack Reactor, started the HRJR program.

Hack Reactor Junior, or HRJR, is the project of JavaScript Evangelist, Bianca Gandolfo. The program offers affordable classes for people who know some JavaScript basics, often from self-study, and would like to solidify their fundamentals and take the next step as a coder. Many students have an eye toward applying to Hack Reactor, and want to strengthen their JavaScript chops first. Others simply see value in a class small enough to provide individual attention (thirteen students), with a short time commitment resulting in a tangible gain in a useful and marketable skill.

As the demand for programmers explodes, the gaps in practical coding education become more glaring. HRJR identifies one of those gaps, and starts to fill it. Like Hack Reactor's program, HRJR is built on the principle of giving students training that they can use as quickly as possible.

Each week-long class is a self-contained module, consisting of four three-hour highly interactive lectures. Modules cost $300. The upcoming module is on Objects, Arrays and Functions. The previous one was on jQuery, Ajax and APIs. Students may take multiple modules to further strengthen their JavaScript prowess. Check out Hack Reactor's Meetup page to see previous modules and to keep an eye out for future classes.

Classes are taught by Gandolfo and another Hack Reactor graduate, who was recently hired at PayPal. The next JavaScript Fundamentals class starts May 26th and takes place at Hack Reactor in downtown San Francisco. Apply here!

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