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Learn Programming and Put it to Work with No CS Degree

Hack Reactor

Learn Programming and Put it to Work with No CS Degree's Image

Joey Yang completed the Hack Reactor program in November 2013. He's currently a Hacker in Residence and codes and consults for startups. 

Joey recently wrote an article about the misconception that learning to code is simply too hard. He noticed that too many smart people believe coding is an unachievable skill. They think it's too late for them or that they effectively opted out of coding when they chose another major in college. Joey argues against that assumption:

"Programmers come in all shapes and sizes. Programmers don't only come from Computer Science degrees and work at startups; they come from all kinds of backgrounds and do all kinds of stuff: social sciences, economics, finance, design, engineering and more. Programming isn't just making Snapchat; it's also insurance companies making risk models, engineers designing durable parts for planes and cars, doctors studying human-drug interactions, and ecologists modeling animal ecosystems."

Joey goes on to show how even a recipe for pancakes is--at its essence--a program. And how Excel, a tool used by most business people, deals with organizing, transforming and using data. Not that far from programming. So Joey has a request:

"Can we quit the stigma that programming is some mythical, impossible thing? It's all around us. We just don't realize it. But when we pretend it's some kind of magic, we discourage those around us from giving it a try." 

Read all of Joey's article here.

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