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Learning to learn: how to effectively retain and recall information

Hack Reactor

Learning to learn Curtis art

When it comes to learning, we all want to avoid the discouraging outcome of “in one ear and out the other.” Instead, we want information, concepts, and skills to stay put once we’ve attempted to learn them. We want to build durable knowledge  the kind that sticks and that’s easily accessible in multiple contexts.

How do we do that, especially with so many possible inputs vying for our attention?

During a recent event, our VP of Professional Development, Curtis Schlak, covered this topic. He shared some of his favorite tips for active learning, demonstrating different techniques and tactics that can help you develop the ability to learn and hold on to what you’ve learned for the long haul. In case you missed it live, we recorded it for you to enjoy.

Watch it here to start learning how to learn. 


Curtis builds our Professional Development course curriculum with durable knowledge at the forefront. Learn more about these courses here