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Marc-André Cournoyer, Expert Programmer, Teaching at Hack Reactor in San Francisco

Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor's development bootcamp alumnus and Reddit Insight team member Patrick Stapleton recently worked out a way to get one of the premiere computer programming teachers in the country to do a two-day class at our coding school September 21 and 22.

Marc-André Cournoyer, author of "How to Create Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language," will reveal the inner workings of Java, Python, Ruby and PHP over eight hours of focused lectures, Q&A and toy problems/exercises with the audience.

Attendees will be able to download the video, audio and slide show from Cournoyer's lecture. They'll also receive a free copy of his book.

The list of benefits from Cournoyer's masters class is quite lengthy. Guests will be happy to know that after his workshop they'll be able to learn code quicker by having a much better understanding of tradeoffs between design and function, code interpretation, machine code and more.

Benefits list from the event web page:

  • Get rid of all the magic! Finally understand how your code is executed.
  • Write better and faster code by knowing how it is interpreted.
  • Understand the tradeoffs of programming language design and know what you can and can not do with your code.
  • Discover every step of the process between your code and the machine.
  • Learn to parse any language with ease.
  • Uncover the lingo: lexer, parser, runtime, interpreter, compiler, potato.
  • Understand low level stuff and optimizations by creating a virtual machine.
  • Dig into machine code by implementing a simple JIT compiler.
  • Implement your own programming language.
  • Learn new programming languages faster.

A majority of the time during the class will be spent live coding "each part of a working language from the ground up."

The big question people have before workshops like this is, "Am I a good fit? Am I too experienced or too inexperienced in my coding education?" Marc helpfully describes which type of programmers will and won't get the most value out of his September 21 and 22 class.

"You do not need to know Ruby, although it will help," Cournoyer writes. "Knowing a similar dynamic language such as JavaScript, Python or PHP is fine. You do need to be an experienced programmer, having worked with a few programming languages for a few years. But you do not need to know anything about how a programming language works, that is what this class is for."

Attendees are given a money-back guarantee on the class, and even encouraged to email Marc (classes@codedinc.com) before hand to learn more about the curriculum and whether they're a good fit for the event.

Hack Reactor is proud to bring guest speakers and expert programmers to San Francisco, and frequently hosts meetups, lectures, workshops, classes and more at our space (944 Market Street). To get in contact with us about a guest speaker you think would add value to the S.F. programming community, email contact@hackreactor.com.