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Hack Reactor CTO Offers New JavaScript Course | Hack Reactor

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Hack Reactor CTO Offers New JavaScript Course | Hack Reactor's Image

Marcus Phillips Contributes to Another Major JavaScript Educational Resource

Marcus Phillips, Hack Reactor’s Chief Technology Officer and Dean, has made another substantial contribution to the JavaScript community, this time in the form of a Udacity course on Object-Oriented JavaScript Programming. The course, intended for people with enough JavaScript experience to be familiar with basic concepts, lasts approximately five weeks and covers key areas where people tend to get stuck in their own study of the language. The course enables students to write cleaner, more efficient and functional code, by delving into four key topics: Scopes and Closures, the Keyword “this”, Prototype Delegation, and Code Reuse. Udacity is a very popular online learning platform, which offers interactive online courses on a wide range of topics.

programming, javascript, github, coding, ruby, programming languages, coding jobsMarcus Phillips, Hack Reactor's CTO and Dean, launched a Udacity course on Object-Oriented JavaScript Programming.

While the Udacity course is derived from part of the Hack Reactor curriculum, it is drastically different in length, breadth and format to our immersive, three month program. The Udacity course serves to elucidate certain concepts and bring students to a point where they feel comfortable employing those ideas in their own code. Our immersive course is an intense three month experience oriented toward employment outcomes, in which students develop the skills of a full-stack Software Engineer.

Marcus is a venerated JavaScript educator. In addition to overseeing the curriculum and student experience at Hack Reactor, he makes large contributions to the JavaScript community in some of the most wide-reaching and respected arenas, with Udacity only the latest example.

Marcus was one of the lead editors on the second edition of Eloquent JavaScript, a seminal text in JavaScript instruction. The book has long been considered a top resource on JavaScript principles, cogent enough to be comprehended by beginners, but deep enough to be relevant to experienced coders.

At JSConf in May 2014 at Amelia Island, FL, Marcus led a very well received Training Track. Over a series of nine classes, Marcus instructed hundreds of people on fundamentals which often elude self-studyers. Two days was not enough to give a full JavaScript education, so Marcus focused on removing typical blockage points for learners of all stripes, allowing them to reach a deep level on their own. Watch Marcus at JSConf here:

The Udacity course is Marcus’ latest major contribution to JavaScript education. While there are many programming and computer science resources available online, many of them lack quality, and in some cases, just don’t have accurate information. That’s one of the reasons that self-study can be slow and demotivating for many. This course will help clear away some of the issues that plague people with an incomplete or scattershot programming education.

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