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New COO Roger Piskulick Leverages Finance Background to Impact Education Sector

Owen Poindexter

New COO Roger Piskulick Leverages Finance Background to Impact Education Sector's Image

With an eye toward increasing prominence in the tech education landscape, Hack Reactor has appointed Roger Piskulick to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Piskulick has a long history of executive experience with leading education companies, such as Blackboard, GlobalEnglish and the Apollo Education Group. As COO, he will see to Hack Reactor’s efficient, responsible growth, as we continue to be a defining force in the coding school space.

“Roger is the exact combination we were looking for,” says Hack Reactor Cofounder Shawn Drost. “He has a deep understanding of growth management and the edtech sector, and an intuitive grasp of our values. With him on board, we can look into a lot of potential directions.”

Over the last two decades, Piskulick has been an executive at some of the biggest names in the edtech space, most notably as vice president of finance and operations with Blackboard, a course management platform ubiquitous on campuses around the globe. During Piskulick’s tenure, the company grew from a $15 million operation to over $250 million, and had a successful IPO in 2004.

“At Blackboard, I saw that when you have a product that answers a need in the education space, there is no real limit to how much you can scale,” says Piskulick.

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Roger Piskulick is excited to advance the edtech field as COO of Hack Reactor.

As COO, Piskulick will oversee Hack Reactor’s high level financial and management structure as it expands to include more schools and initiatives. While investigating the school prior to taking the role, he was impressed with how Hack Reactor has handled its growth to date.

“What I love about Hack Reactor is how carefully it has expanded,” Piskulick observes. “They have been meticulous about maintaining the quality of the education they provide, as they’ve gone from one school and twenty concurrent students to many times that. That’s the sort of approach I look for in an organization.”

Piskulick’s background is in finance and accounting, and he has applied these skills to several fields over his career, but education has been his central focus since 2001.

“Edtech is the sweet spot for me,” he explains. “We now have tools and research that can provide exponential improvements to the status quo, and my finance background allows me to be a part of that. It’s exciting to think about the impact we’re capable of.”

Out of the office, Piskulick can be found enjoying punk and post-punk music or leveling up at World of Warcraft.

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