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Hack Reactor Team Unveils Reddit Insight, Social Media Analytics Tool That Delivers New Ways to Maximize Reddit

Hack Reactor

Student-Designed, Free Social Media Analytics and Visualization Suite Immediate Hit with Reddit Users and Social Media Community


SAN FRANCISCO, July 15, 2013 – Students from Hack Reactor, the honors-level intensive coding academy, released Reddit Insight, a free analytics and visualization suite that allows users to navigate data on Reddit account users, posts and statistics. Reddit Insight provides an easy way to get useful information from the site and specific subreddits, making it an ideal tool for social media analysis. Since the student projects release late last week, it has had roughly 50,000 visits a Twitter nod from Google Analytics and interest from social media and marketing experts. The tool is free and available at Reddit Insight.


In addition to Track Post and Track User features, visualization tools include:

  • Word Cloud – tracking topics by subreddit
  • Topic Clusters & All Clusters-– elegant outlines of content topics by subreddits
  • Controversy vs. Interaction vs. Karma
  • Frequency Analysis – most popular nouns per subreddit
  • Graphs –including number of comments per post per subreddit and average Karma per post per subreddit

“It is always such a thrill to see our students hit their stride and produce incredibly cool, super valuable tools, “ said Shawn Drost, Co-founder, Hack Reactor. “This is why we come here every day – to teach real-world skills to students serious about their success.”


The project, or Development Sprint, was an exercise in full-stack web engineering and project management at Hack Reactor over two weeks of the full twelve-week course. The team was assembled to maximize the diverse backgrounds and interests of its members who included Alex Gaputin, Bill Shelton, Elle Beal, Kevin Smith and Patrick Stapleton. JavaScript was used for for 99% of the code. The full stack includes Backbone, Node, Express, d3, Rickshaw, MongoDB, Mongoose, Bootstrap, and Python. Learn more about the team at Reddit Insight.


Hack Reactor Development Sprints

During Hack Reactor’s Product Development Sprints one to four developers work on either self-directed or client-directed projects, supported by a senior developer who provides mentorship and code reviews, as well as a staff project manager. Teams have done projects for pre-seed startups to build their minimal viable product, companies from top accelerator programs and venture-backed networks, as well as more mature Series C companies. The students are ultra-motivated to build something extraordinary and provide product-ready code.  Start-up or tech companies that would like to be involved can contact projectcoordinator@hackreactor.com


About Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor is an honors-level, immersive coding academy in San Francisco. Our twelve-week course transforms amateur programmers into professional, full stack web developers through an intensive curriculum tempered by a collaborative, community-driven method. Rigorous, accelerated content is delivered by dedicated, code-loving instructors from companies like Twitter, OKCupid Labs, Google and Adobe. www.hackreactor.com. Learn JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Ruby and more during 800 hours of classroom instruction, projects, and hands-on learning.