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Learn to Code for Free with Hack Reactor Prep

Owen Poindexter

Learn to Code for Free with Hack Reactor Prep's Image

We have exciting news: we have revamped our prep course to be online, self-paced and completely free! Many students have used Hack Reactor Prep to vault themselves into a top coding bootcamp, and now we are removing any remaining barriers to potential students that want to access our intro curriculum. Hack Reactor Prep provides a strong foundation for aspiring engineers and anyone who wants to get up to speed on modern web development. Students who want to access our mentors to further deepen their learning can select Hack Reactor Premium Prep--a paid version of our prep course that provides 1-on-1 coaching and mentorship.

Hack Reactor Prep provides 60-90 hours of material and over 150 exercises. These are designed to build your understanding of coding and computer science, so that you can both build apps and comprehend why your code works. The challenges are designed to help you memorize the basics, use these to build complexity, and then to hone your code writing to minimize bugs and maximize efficiency.

For those that learn better in a social setting, we are now offering free intro coding workshops where students can learn the basics and work on Hack Reactor Prep. Our Road to Code series, available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin and New York City, is a great way to get started in a supportive environment.

There are millions of aspiring coders out there, from people that see it as a career path to others who want to build their skills or better understand the tech-infused world we live in. Hack Reactor Prep fills these needs for anyone with an internet connection.

The paid version provides personalized mentorship and code reviews, as well as live instruction. Our staff will also personally assist you in getting started, assess your abilities at the beginning of the course and conduct a mock interview with you at the end. This instruction helps you stay motivated and deepens your learning. By the end, you will be prepared to interview for Hack Reactor or any number of coding bootcamps.

The best free code learning resource is a click away. What are you waiting for?