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Partner School Telegraph Academy’s Month-long Prep Course Creates Accelerated Track for Beginners

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Partner School Telegraph Academy’s Month-long Prep Course Creates Accelerated Track for Beginners's Image

Our partner school Telegraph Academy, located in the East Bay across from San Francisco, is committed to providing coding education for underrepresented minorities, regardless of technical background or availability of funds. In addition to offering Hack Reactor’s 12-week immersive curriculum, Telegraph Academy is reaching out to the community to help beginners get basic skills, develop confidence and connect with a network of motivated & supportive learners and mentors.  

“Having experienced Hack Reactor’s curriculum first-hand, I know how powerful it is, and this prep course will make it accessible to a broader population,” explains Albrey Brown, cofounder of Telegraph Academy.

Telegraph Prep

Telegraph Academy offers Telegraph Prep: a course to get beginners up to a level of proficiency to get accepted to a 12-week immersive course. Telegraph Academy is using this month-long set of classes to create an onramp for students with the will to succeed, but who have no background in tech. A limited number of scholarships are available for these courses.

If you are interested in checking out Telegraph Prep, here’s what you should know.  Classes start on Monday, April 27 and you can learn more and reserve your spot here.  The prep courses pack a complete introduction to JavaScript into a month. The program consists of back-to-back two week courses, providing 34 hours of instruction (plus 14 hours of homework) a piece. These intensives will prepare students for the 3-month immersive course at Telegraph Academy. Each course costs $250 (limited scholarships available), but students admitted into Telegraph Academy can use these funds toward their tuition. Students who complete the course but are unable to get in, will get a 50% refund.

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Albrey Brown and Bianca Gandolfo are the cofounders of Telegraph Academy.

Tech Summit

In addition to this prep course, Telegraph Academy also recently held a conference to introduce programming and entrepreneurship to high school and college students. This conference, called Tech Summit, gave these learners an entree into programming and building and pitching business ideas. These students devised original concepts from a restaurant mogul game to 3D architecture modeling software. After mocking up their ideas on paper, the students designed their apps using a program called Balsamiq. From there, they worked on WordPress sites, and finally pitched their ideas to the group. The weekend was sponsored in part by Hack Reactor, along with npm, Impact Hub (which hosted the conference) and the Kapor Center.


As the tech boom expands outward from San Francisco, more and more companies are coming to Oakland. By providing need-blind training for underrepresented minorities in this emerging tech center, Telegraph Academy will allow a vibrant city to take advantage of this growing economic opportunity.

Sign up for the Telegraph Academy prep courses. Courses are filling up quickly. Ready for Telegraph Academy or another school in our network? Apply today!

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