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Pearson PLC Creates $1000 Scholarship for Hack Reactor Developers

Shawn Drost

Hack Reactor's development bootcamp is excited to announce a new scholarship program for our incoming June 17th cohort. Pearson PLC, a giant in the education and publishing industry, worked with our academy to generously provide $1000 each to two lucky developers. The Pearson scholarship aligns with our initiative to create real world software engineering project opportunities for all of our engineers.

Hack Reactor and Pearson will work collaboratively to select the two sponsored engineers in advance of the June 17 class.  During the class, the developers will have an opportunity to create a complete, working application incorporating one or more Pearson APIs.  The applications will be profiled on Pearson's developer-focused blogs.

Pearson has become a leader in promoting web development training across the country, recently sponsoring New York City's EDesign Lab Hackathon for K-12 students. Pearson has helped promote other hackathons in the Netherlands and San Francisco, including the King of Code Hack Battle and the AngelHack 5 hackathon (one of the largest in the world).

Pearson's Developer Community website  is an excellent resource for new and potential Hack Reactor students. There they provide a chance to explore and test Pearson API’s and build your own applications. You can follow Pearson Developers on Twitter @PearsonAPI and learn more at their Github page here.

Every day more and more people of influence are seeing the growing need our economy has for those who understand coding and computer science. With more support from companies like Pearson, we can start to close the gap on the 120,000 web developer jobs that are left unfilled each year.

Hack Reactor is committed to working with our engineers to make our web development courses affordable. Our deferral program allows developers to pay a portion of the tuition costs after they've graduated. For more questions, feel free to email us at contact@hackreactor.com.