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Programming Boot Camp: Hiring Day for Prospective Employers

Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor is a three-month programming boot camp that covers the fundamentals of software engineering, the web, and advanced JS patterns.  Incoming developers go through a rigorous application process (~30:1 applicant ratio) and begin the pre-course curriculum with a minimum background of syntactic fluency and basic web app development skills.  Our grads are now working as engineers at companies like Salesforce, Pandora, Adobe and Groupon.

Hack Reactor's Results, Reviews and Program Info.

Hack Reactor is hosting an afternoon hiring demo & mixer on Friday, July 12, at 944 Market Street, San Francisco.  Those in technical hiring roles are invited.  Please register using the following Eventbrite Link, and we will touch base.

For questions about hiring our boot camp engineers or other programs at Hack Reactor, please don't hesitate to reach out to contact@hackreactor.com.

Note - We are grateful for your interest!  Please note that we will cap attendance at around 23-25 companies, and we will be touching base with you prior to the event to assess fit. Registration is necessary, but does not guarantee a slot.

"Hiring Day" Format

Visiting companies will view students' projects and mingle. Attending companies will have a brief, timed one-on-one with each programming boot camp student (around five minutes). Upon completion of this "speed dating" round, you are invited to (and strongly encouraged to) continue conversations over food & drinks.

You may follow up with individual candidates to continue the hiring process at your discretion.

  • 2:00PM - Arrive & check-in & network
  • 2:30PM - Group project demos
  • 3:00PM - Speed dating interviews
  • End - Mingle & mix

About Our Programming Boot Camp

During the 800 hours our students spend with us in the classroom- 6 days per week, 11 hrs/day, for 12 weeks- we create pixel-perfect mock-ups of popular websites with HTML & CSS, implement client-side form validation and AJAX calls using jQuery, build foundational knowledge by re-implementing basic data structures and utility functions using plain JavaScript, and create fully-featured applications using a variety of frameworks and libraries across multiple languages.

Through our practical, hands-on, project-based curriculum- which emphasizes collaboration thorough pair-programming, best practices such as iterative development and TDD, and use of on-the-job tools such as git- we seek to create developers who can contribute to your teams across the full-stack from day one.

Talent Referral Collaboration

We are interested in helping your search efforts.  In return, we ask for a placement fee based on a candidate's first year salary. Please don't hesitate to reach out to contact@hackreactor.com with further questions or ideas for collaboration.