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Programming Boot Camp: Results, Reviews and Program Info

Hack Reactor

Programming boot camps like San Francisco's Hack Reactor are for people who want to take their computer coding skills to a professional level while working on challenging projects and testing their intellect. We provide an environment that makes learning fun, sociable and filled to the brim with coding education.

Our Hack Reactor instructors have experience working for some of the most popular web and software development companies in the world, including Adobe, Twitter, OKCupid Labs, Google and more.

(This post was recently updated to reflect new starting salary data.)

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Programming Boot Camp: Hack Reactor's Results

Not all programming boot camps are made equal. Hack Reactor is an honors academy - meaning we care deeply about our brand and filter through hundreds of applicants to find the very best prospects.

In return, our Hack Reactor team works their butt off making sure you have a job lined up upon graduation. We had incredible success with our last cohort, where 100% of the class found the job they wanted, with average starting salary offers of $110,000. Hack Reactor has an established paid project program for students during the course, and performs company outreach year round.

"By the time students are halfway through our program, they're ready to build production-ready, commercial-grade projects," says says Hack Reactor's Project Program Lead. "I lead the initiative to prove that to clients. We've developed breakthrough apps, features and extensions for incredible startups from the world's top accelerator programs (YCombinator, 500 Startups, Imagine K12, etc) as well as for prominent web leaders. Not only are we up-ing the game for students at Hack Reactor, we're changing the game for how start-ups build products."

After twelve weeks at Hack Reactor, you could find a job with companies like: SalesForce, Groupon, LOYAL3, NodePrime, Live Lovely, Adobe, ThoughtWorks, Yerdle and more.

Hack Reactor is different from other immersive coding schools in that we invest heavily in what you'll be doing upon graduation. We first work incredibly hard to get every single student signed on to a real-world paid project while they're taking our course. Then we set up events like Hiring Day and mock interviews to maximize your chances of landing your dream tech job.

Lastly, if you're thinking about graduate school over programming boot camp, think again. "Our school is a lot shorter, cheaper and more applicable to the work they'd like to do than universities," says HR co-founder Shawn Drost. The numbers back this up, as programming boot camps have taken the national stage based on the results they're delivering.

Our Programming Boot Camp Reviews

You don't have to look far for reliable sources and testimonials about Hack Reactor. Our students have provided public feedback on their experience, and the comments have been overwhelmingly positive about our instructors and curriculum.

"I am a recent graduate of Hack Reactor. My experience was transformative. As Johnny Cash sang "well i've fought tougher men, but I really can't remember when." This course is no joke. I learned more in a short time frame than I ever thought possible. Everyone there is extremely giving, knowledgable, and passionate. They definitely went beyond the call of duty, and given the demands of an immersion course that's really saying something." - Mark R., Yelp, 3/10/13

"I met with Tony in person and found him to be very warm and genuine as a person. He was extremely thorough in detailing the intensity of the program and was generous with his time. He answered my questions for almost two hours on a Saturday evening. On a subsequent visit, I met with Shawn to see if my technical understanding was up to speed for their program and he also offered a lot of time and made sure all my questions were answered." - Josh S., Yelp, 5/3/13

 "I believe in Javascript's ascendancy. Let me elaborate: I believe that users will increasingly demand low-latency, high-performance web applications that compete with native desktop applications. Javascript is essential to these 'rich client' applications and only grows in importance in the world I've just described...Hack Reactor was a better fit for me personallyThere are always going to be minor differences from program to program that aren't material to the curriculum but do impact the overall experience. For instance, I really liked the guys at Hack Reactor and felt like there was a personality fit there."  Jake Seip, Quora, April, 2013

"The best and only way I can express my feelings is just one word: gratitude. I am so grateful to be a part a revolutionary experiment in education where I am truly challenged and pushed to my potential. Not to mention, I am surrounded by amazing, motivated people who inspire me and are forced to hang out with me all the time! " -Bianca Gandolfo, Current Student, May 15, 2013

Answering Your Programming Boot Camp Questions

We're more than happy to answer your questions about housing, tuition, payment plans and more so you can choose the right coding boot camp for your needs. We've responded to dozens of questions on Quora about coding boot camps, their classes and curriculum.

Reach us any time at contact@hackreactor.com, and see what other people are saying about Hack Reactor on Yelp and Quora.

The Right Programming Boot Camp for You

If you're interested in expanding your computer programming skills at a coding or developer boot camp, strongly consider Hack Reactor.

Located in San Francisco's Financial District, on the 8th floor of 944 Market Street, we provide the experience that every coder dreams of having. Your peers share the same passion for learning that you do, and being located in the heart of tech world means you'll be immersed in coding and computer programming opportunities wherever you go.

There's only so much coding you can learn on your own. At Hack Reactor, you can conquer the next phases of your development education and be completely prepared for your first developer position. Reach the web coding skill level you've always wanted, and apply to Hack Reactor's next 12-week course.