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Programming Bootcamps: Jobs, Switching Careers and Hiring Help

Hack Reactor

Programming Bootcamps: Job Outlook

Programming bootcamps offer a clear career advantage over traditional routes in that they provide speedy, immersive training and graduate hiring support.  The amount of time and money it would take you to go back to school, attain another degree and breakthrough into a new industry is lengthy and challenging to say the least. You're much better off from an ROI standpoint by joining Hack Reactor over a university (see "Are Programming Bootcamps Worth the Cost").

Our programming bootcamp's application pipeline is filled with people who want to switch careers. From product management to data analyst, to entrepreneur or marketing, we've seen career driven people from every industry make their way to Hack Reactor. 

Reasons for these individuals wanting to make a change range from the need for a new challenge in life, a desire for more earnings, the freedom to create and execute some of their entrepreneurial ideas and lots more. Of course, we also have applicants who have held a life-long dream of being a software engineer.

Hack Reactor graduates work at companies like Pandora, Groupon, SalesForce, ZenDesk, Adobe and many more brand name tech companies. Aside from the amazing starting salaries, many engineers receive plentiful (if not unlimited) vacation days, along with gym memberships, lunches and other useful perks. 

You can see where all of our alums are working by scrolling down on our "Hack Reactor Engineers" page. 

We can't speak to the job outlook of grads from all programs. There is definitely a variety of results. Our school has been able to achieve a 98% job placement rate for our engineers within three months of their graduation. The mean highest salary offer to these grads is $110k.

The more credibility we establish with hires and the stronger our brand grows, the more we can expect this starting salary offer and job placement rate to go up.

The job outlook at certain programming bootcamps, and longterm career success, is definitely solid and attainable. 

Hack Reactor's Magee Mooney explains what a graduate of a programming bootcamp should do to maintain a long, accomplished career. Her answer highlights the value of having a network of peers from which to gather and share information with, something programming bootcamps provide. 

Job and Hiring Success: In-Person Programming Bootcamps Vs Online Bootcamps

The advantages that in-person programming bootcamps have over online programming education platforms when it comes to jobs are explained below. The important thing to remember is that you want to choose the best brand, coupled with the best track record. (Strong reviews also indicate that a school is on top of its stuff and knows what it's doing.)

This is a question we're going to explore more in future blog posts. The style and learning environments are clear in the description. Online is obviously less collaborative and you miss out on the advantages of constant pair programming. Quite frankly, being surrounded by engineers and developers who think like you and have similar interests makes the learning 10x more fun and enjoyable. These peers will provide you leads on jobs, technical interview tips and be a resource to solve difficult coding problems. 

Learn more about Hack Reactor's program here, and join our Meetup group for future Google Hangouts where we conduct Q&A's about our school.