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Programming Bootcamp Reviews: New Engineers Share Their Story

Shawn Drost

Programming Bootcamp Reviews

The fastest way to cut through the noise and find the best software career accelerator for you is to hear directly from students via their online programming bootcamp reviews. Every student is unique: They look for different qualities, they weigh their experience their own way and they value different attributes (peers, curriculum, support, etc.).

Some may be looking at the personality of the staff and instructors, others may be looking at the support post graduation or leading into the job market. 

If you read enough programming bootcamp reviews from alumni, you’ll have a panoramic view of the school you’re researching. Get to know the pedigree of instructors, the student to instructor ratio (4:1 at HR), and examine the curriculum thoroughly. Reach out to alumni through their blogs or on social media and ask questions that only they can answer. Doing all of this will ensure you make the right choice!

As a member of the Hack Reactor's development bootcamp team, I can say first hand how lucky we are to have immense support from our graduates, 98% of whom have found a job as an engineer.

What Do You Look For?

What sort of factors are you looking at when you read programming bootcamp reviews and weigh your decision to apply to a coding school? Let us know what you think on Twitter @HackReactor or contact us via email at contact@hackreactor.com.


 Dan’s story is very common. We hear from many applicants who have already had a successful career in another field and are interested in learning a new, possibly more lucrative (and definitely more exciting) skill.

Regardless of age or past career, if you have a passion for programming, that will shine through in your interviews and in your work. That sort of passion is also required to make the commitment necessary to improve your skills.


Last we heard, Kevin found his dream job in his home state of Utah working for backcountry.com. Kevin “develops cross-platform web-based applications, works with cutting edge Javascript frameworks, and assists the product teams to identify feasibility of experiences.”

Kevin was also a member of the Reddit Insight team at Hack Reactor (a group of students who unearthed mountains of goodies using data from Reddit).


Environment is something that we strive to make the absolute best. That means being welcoming, caring, supportive, nonjudgemental and warm toward each other. What Elle says about Hack Reactor being full of love is a huge compliment that we really appreciate!

 Margaret who has been a strong supporter of Hack Reactor since the moment she joined. Her point about our selection process and making sure that all of our students are surrounded by likeminded, super talented peers is not something that happens by accident.

As co-founder Shawn Drost likes to say, you can learn just as much if not more from the person sitting next to you 10 hours a day as you can an instructor.

Tell us what you’re interested in hearing about our program and others! We’ll try to get you in touch with our alums so they can share their story with you. For more info., check out the rest of our blog.