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Programming Bootcamp: Productivity and Curriculum

Hack Reactor

This week, we tackled questions about how programming classes can increase your productivity, whether you should choose online or offline programming schools and what Hack Reactor's development boot camp programming classes cover in terms of curriculum. We frequently turn to Quora to recap any questions about programming, coding or development bootcamps. Our founders are experts on the topic, and curate these questions so they can answer them during their free time.

Hack Reactor co-founder Tony Phillips explains how our developers make the most of our rigorous schedule and program. Their day starts of with sprints, where they experience an overview of a single coding concept. Then they move to pair programming and have more lectures later on in the day. Pair programming is extremely helpful because you surround yourself with people on a mission. It keeps you focused and also provides you a resource to use when you get stumped.

Learning to code at a professional level, where you're getting six-figure job offers and the like, is tough to pull off from using just an online forum. We advise people to take highly rated, in-person programming classes at an immersive coding school.

With that said, there are some strong online resources for people to use. Doug Calhoun, an instructor and co-founder at Hack Reactor, talks about three options: bloc.io, gotealeaf.com and thinkful.com.

Former student Bill Shelton jumped all over this question. Hack Reactor covers a wide range of topics during their programming classes, with the central focus being JavaScript. We do cover data science and are always looking to add more relevant, up to date content. We truly believe that the curriculum we teach our developers is the most advanced and job-relevant in the world.

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