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Ready to Learn Coding? Here’s Where to Start

Owen Poindexter

Ready to Learn Coding? Here’s Where to Start's Image

Even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life, you could be ready for our 12-week immersive program in weeks. It will take focus and determination, but if you have those, you just need to follow one of these paths.

1. Kickstart with Telegraph Academy

You have two excellent opportunities coming up to get started on your coding path. They are offering free introductory workshops to help you get started. For beginners, join us the evening of Thursday September 22nd to learn the basics.

Bring a laptop so you can code along and put the lessons into action. Afterward, you’ll want to keep developing your skills at one of our prep courses (see below) or through focused self-study. Eloquent JavaScript, especially chapters 1-5, is an excellent resource for gaining an understanding of JavaScript fundamentals (don’t skip the coding exercises at the end of each chapter!). You can practice more with challenges on codewars and by building your own projects.

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2. Go All-In on Self-Study

This one is easy and hard for the same reason: you can study coding whenever you like, as long as you have a free moment and an internet connection. See here for some great resources. The key to success with this one? Code every day. Or at least have a routine that you don’t deviate from. Carving out specific time to study will mean it actually gets done. If you need a shot of motivation, read this blog post from an incoming student who started a code learning routine while deployed to Iraq.

3. Take Our Prep Course

Our prep courses provide a comprehensive introduction to JavaScript, Computer Science fundamentals and the Hack Reactor teaching method. By the end, you’ll be able to build basic websites and apps. If you are accepted into any of our 12-week immersive courses, you can apply the cost of Prep toward your tuition. Here are two upcoming options:

Hack Reactor Live Online: an online, 4-week course where you’ll skill up on weekend nights. The next course starts on October 11th. We also have upcoming courses in Austin and New York--see the link for details.

Telegraph Prep+: This 90-hour course is excellent preparation for our immersive course, or whatever you choose to do with your coding education. Apply by September 8th to qualify for the Community Impact scholarship.

The one irreplaceable ingredient is your motivation. If you have the drive to study early and often you will be successful no matter which path you take. Once you have gotten comfortable putting some coding concepts into action, take the next step and apply to our immersive coding bootcamp.

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