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Remote Program Class Lead Makes Digital Classroom a Close-Knit Community

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Remote Program Class Lead Makes Digital Classroom a Close-Knit Community's Image

Our Remote program taps the power of real-time interaction through video lessons, chat tools and tailored web technologies to deliver world-class online coding instruction through a structured digital classroom, allowing students far and wide to join the movement of Hack Reactor Anywhere. Managing both familiar aspects of the Hack Reactor experience and elements specific to Remote Beta, Liz Penny keeps everything running smoothly in an immersive online course unlike any offering out there. She works with students on everything from the logistical to the emotional.

“Many students are reporting that Remote Beta is uniquely a fit for their needs,” says Penny. “They’re in Europe or Asia. They have family responsibilities and need or want to stay at home. Or they just love their region or town but also want to learn coding.”

Indeed a student based in Bangalore, India just graduated from our online program. Hong Kong, London, Phoenix, Atlanta--Hack Reactor students have no boundaries. Penny often assists our Hiring Team with students who intend to work outside of traditional tech centers like the Bay Area or New York City.

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Liz Penny, Class Lead for our Remote Beta program, helps create a sense of community among students in our immersive online course.

Penny experiences firsthand how impressed students are with the unique advantages of our remote offering.

“The first two weeks of the program really confirmed that Remote Beta was the best option for them,” she notes of a recent cohort. “Pair programming facilitated learning at a faster rate than they were expecting. They like being able to watch lectures at a faster speed or rewind clips and watch over and over until they understand it.”

Students come here because they want, in some way, to transform their lives.
— Liz Penny, Remote Beta Class Lead

The surprising power of the remote program plays out both in the amount of learning and growing students do, and in the community they form.

Students are “blown away by how connected they were to their classmates,” she observes. “We have a community. You know when someone is missing even without going through the chat window.”

This community creates an environment that supports rapid personal development on a short timescale.

“Students come here because they want, in some way, to transform their lives,” says Penny. “They feel like they are having a transformative educational experience.”

This results from students learning, not just to code, but how to tackle new subjects as their needs and interests arise.

“In a really real and deep way we are teaching people to learn how to learn. People are on this deep intensive journey about ‘where do I want to be and how do I get there’. People come here because they want to transform their life.”

To guide these deep transformations while simultaneously coordinating the logistical details of the program, Liz Penny assists at each level to make our Remote Beta program the best online programming course available today.

Want to join this group of committed, dynamic learners? Apply to our program, online or onsite, today.

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