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Do remote software engineering jobs pay as much as onsite positions?

Hack Reactor

Woman working remotely or taking an online coding bootcamp

By Sarah Kuta for Hack Reactor

If there’s one thing the coronavirus pandemic has made pretty clear, it’s that remote work is the way of the future.

Those with jobs that can be done remotely will be working from home for the foreseeable future, since shared elevators and crowded conference rooms are a recipe for disaster when it comes to this highly contagious virus.

Even companies that have traditionally required all employees to come into the office were forced to take a second look at their remote work policies during the last few months. The pandemic has proven that employees won’t simply start slacking off just because they’re not working at company headquarters. It works at companies all over the world.

“While it’s true that even tech jobs have been impacted by COVID-19, it is also true that they’ve been impacted far less than other types of work and that’s because you can do a lot of these jobs remotely,” said Crew Spence, career services director for Galvanize

If you’re in the market for a new job or you’re considering a new career path, you might have one lingering question in your mind: Do remote software engineering jobs pay as well as onsite positions? It’s a good question, since one of the main reasons you’re probably making a career switch, to begin with, is to improve your family’s financial footing.

If the money’s not there, why get your hopes up about working from home?

And what about the other stuff, like benefits and work perks? Will you feel alone and disconnected working from home, like Major Tom trying to reach Ground Control in the David Bowie song “Space Oddity?”

As a matter of fact, remote jobs not only offer the same or higher salaries, but are just as rewarding as on-site jobs. And, no, you won’t be lonely.

With a remote job, you’ll be offered top-notch pay and benefits, as well as plenty of opportunities to network, socialize, and learn from your colleagues. 

Many top software companies with fully remote teams organize twice-yearly company retreats in exotic locales or pay to fly employees to the office once a quarter or so. Zoom happy hours, regular check-in meetings, and collaborative projects are all part of a good social remote work environment.

One main reason why remote jobs pay just as well as onsite jobs? Working from home is now viewed as a legitimate way of doing business, not just a special work perk reserved for a company’s star employees. 

Today’s modern companies make remote job offers just as they would with onsite offers, and they may not even differentiate between the two at all during the hiring process.

Plus, companies want to hire and retain the best employees available. If they’re limited to a tiny square on a map, they’re going to have a much smaller talent pool to choose from. With remote jobs, the world becomes a talent ocean.

Sure, you won’t be enjoying as many meals from your company’s kitchen (or more likely, the microwave). But you’ll be saving money in other ways, such as on gas, oil changes, tolls, parking, lunches out, and beyond. Your company may even throw in some special remote-specific perks, like a stipend for whatever gym is closest to your home or money to build out your dream home office.

Similarly, you might be wondering if an online immersive software engineering bootcamp is as rewarding or effective as an in-person bootcamp. 

Here at Hack Reactor, we’ve been offering our accelerated coding bootcamp online for years, so we have tons of experience in the online learning space. In fact, our online bootcamps regularly earn satisfaction and outcome scores that are just as high as our in-person programs. 

We teach our online bootcamps live, which means you’ll be following right along and participating with the other members of your cohort. No lonely pre-recorded video-watching sessions for you. The online bootcamps offer the same daily schedules and the same curriculum taught by expert instructors. 

You’ll get an equal level of instructional support in this “virtual classroom,” too, as well as access to our top-notch career services team. And since we’re not limited by geography, we can offer lessons from the best software engineer instructors in the world. In our increasingly global society, this is a huge perk, especially if you hope to someday travel or work abroad. 

Plus, opting to enroll in an online bootcamp can save you time and money. You won’t need to drive to campus, pay highway tolls, find and pay for parking, go out for lunch, or refresh your wardrobe. You can learn software engineering from the comfort of your own living room, with no commute and no hassle, period.

Whether you choose to study online or in-person, you’ll come out the other side with a huge professional network and all the software engineering skills you need to land a six-figure salary. 

Plus, your 12 weeks of online experience can help prepare you for the real world of remote work and can even serve as a talking point when you’re interviewing for a fully remote job. 

You will already know you have what it takes to be productive while working on a remote team, and your bootcamp completion is proof to your future employers.