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Remote Beta Student Chibueze Ukaegbu to Start JavaScript-Focused School in Nigeria

Hack Reactor

Remote Beta Student Chibueze Ukaegbu to Start JavaScript-Focused School in Nigeria's Image

When Hack Reactor announced its Remote Beta program, back in June, it was “a dream, a mirac le” for Chibueze Ukaegbu. The ability to take Hack Reactor’s course without relocating from his home in Nigeria burgeoned a mission that Ukaegbu had committed to before he’d even heard of Hack Reactor: starting TechHub, a JavaScript-based programming school in Nigeria.

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Chibueze Ukaegbu is taking Hack Reactor's intensive 12-week course from Nigeria.

“The whole idea of TechHub is centered around grooming technologists with a pure focus on JavaScript,” Ukaegbu explains. Specifically, he plans for TechHub to be a “FullStack developer school, dealing with JavaScript technologies like MongoDB, Node, Backbone, Angular/Ember etc. We want to offer both the training and the environment for collaboration that is vital for technologists to grow.”

In addition to the JavaScript track, an intensive 75-day course, TechHub will feature four other programs: a 30-day intensive for teens, a program for underprivileged individuals, a technology center where entrepreneurs can learn and network, and a program to teach technology to teachers.

The school seeks to address the issue of Computer Science education in Nigeria, which often teaches outdated technologies that no longer fit the needs of the market. While the inspiration for the school didn’t come from Hack Reactor, Ukaegbu’s experience as a Hack Reactor student has provided ample inspiration for ideas to incorporate into TechHub.

“Hack Reactor has been a paradigm shift,” Ukaegbu states. Specifically, being a Hack Reactor student has taught Ukaegbu the value of constant application of learned material, social coding with Github and versioning systems, pair programming, and constant feedback to facilitate an ongoing dialogue between teacher and student.

Ukaegbu knew as soon as he discovered Hack Reactor that it was exactly what he was looking for.

“I realized that to be able to deliver quality value in my [TechHub] project, I needed to experience firsthand what the process was like,” he explains. Now about halfway through Hack Reactor’s program, Ukaegbu has gotten what he was looking for and more.

“The Remote program has exceeded my expectations,” he states. “I came with the hope to acquire some technical expertise and also learn about the day-to-day processes of running a technical school; but I was thrown completely off-balance. The sheer depth of the curriculum has been intimidating; but it has exposed me to things I never dreamt of. For example, topics like Time Complexity: you begin to think of your code not just in terms of functionality but also in efficiency – how can I use the least code resources to deliver more value?”

Hack Reactor’s mission is to empower people and to transform education through rapid-iteration teaching. Ukaegbu exemplifies this as well as any student, with how his Hack Reactor education is both empowering him in his own mission, and influencing the shape that TechHub will take.

“I wasn’t wrong in choosing Hack Reactor,” he notes. “It has been an awesome experience and I have made some good friends. I am deeply touched by the interest that has been shown in what we want to do; we are world’s apart yet there has been a constant interaction with regards to my project. That for me shows the heart of a true teacher: one who selflessly wants to impact (directly and indirectly) as many people as he can. And for this, I appreciate the amazing group of people that are the Hack Reactor team.”

Interested in being part of the next Hack Reactor cohort? We are currently accepting applications for both onsite and remote students.

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