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Salesforce, Cisco, SolarCity & Over 40 More Interview Graduates on Hiring Day

Hack Reactor

Salesforce, Cisco, SolarCity & Over 40 More Interview Graduates on Hiring Day's Image

Hack Reactor welcomed over 40 companies to Hiring Day to meet and interview our most recent graduates. The event provided a chance for students entering the job market to present group projects and meet individually with employers. The efficiency of bringing hiring companies together with eligible, interested candidates is nearly impossible to replicate for companies or Software Engineers on their own, and our network of hiring partners has steadily grown as more employers seek to take advantage of this opportunity.

“I was really impressed with the level of the graduates, the variety of talent and how well they present,” said Dinna Davis of Revinate.

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Hiring Day interviews provide a chance for graduating Software Engineers to get to know a variety of companies.

The day began with student presentations, in which groups of 3-4 Engineers presented apps, sites and libraries they had built over the final four weeks of the course.

“Every presentation today was pretty impressive,” observed Anthony Johnson of Reputation.com. “There were some great projects.”

Afterwards, students met employers for a series of 10-minute lightning interviews. These meetings condense a lot of the initial introductory process between employers and candidates, and frequently lead to a formal first interview.

“They’re all motivated and seem keen to work hard,” said Salesforce’s Howard Newman.

“They’re energized, enthusiastic and smart,” adds his colleague Sally Hwang.

Company representatives were impressed, both by the coding skill of our graduates, and their ability to explain their thought process.

“I’ve been impressed how articulate all of them are,” noted Brian Sarbin of Cisco. “Since they’ve researched a lot of different technologies, they are able to articulate differences on why they chose one over the other. Being able to communicate well is actually a really big bonus.”

hack reactor, tech jobs, sf jobs, hiring day, tech interview, coding school

Several students in our Remote Beta program who intend to work in the San Francisco Bay Area traveled to the school to be a part of Hiring Day.

Employers who have not worked with us in the past have a chance to see the quality of our program and our students.

“I’ve had a lot of great talks with very knowledgeable people from a lot of different backgrounds,” said Craig Martin of LuxeValet. "I had heard good things about Hack Reactor, but it’s great to see the quality of the candidates in person. There are definitely some people I’m interested in moving forward with.”

“You guys are the best bootcamp,” said another potential employer.

Our Hiring Team does a lot of work ahead of time to match candidates and employers by mutual interest. This benefits everyone, by optimizing the chance that each interview will lead to a next step.

“I’m meeting a lot of highly qualified people from a lot of diverse backgrounds. I’m now convinced we can fill the position we’ve had open for a while,” said Blue Talon’s Andrew Fetterer.

“The candidates were really well matched,” said Sarah Hammitt of Vulcun. “I think we’ll be interviewing quite a few of them.”

Interested in bringing your company to our next Hiring Day? Contact our Hiring Team. Want to join our growing network of schools? Apply to our program, online and in four major cities today.

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