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9 Questions from An S.F. Programming School Prospect

Hack Reactor

After connecting with Hack Reactor's programming school on Twitter, one prospective San Francisco programming school student was invited to send in as many questions as they like about our program, admissions process, environment and more. We threw out the list of questions to some Hack Reactor alumni, and sure enough, Bianca Gandolfo, a graduate of the April 2013 cohort, shot back some answers. Check it out below!

1. I know there are many academies to choose from. Why Hack Reactor?

I chose Hack Reactor because it is the most hardcore of all the S.F. programming bootcamps. I go by the motto that if I'm going to do something, I want to do the most difficult thing because I will get so much more out of it. Not to mention, if I am setting the foundation for my career, I want to ensure that I have prepared the best that I can. I also really like Javascript.

2. What was your skill set going in?

Very little - I studied JS online by myself for a few months.

3. What was your workflow going in?

I just Googled around and did tutorials. I can't say that I had a 'workflow' since I was very new to coding.

4. Has the course improved that workflow, or completely blown it away and replaced it with something else?

From the beginning to the end, I have definitely seen a huge shift in my workflow. We learn a lot about project management and in my projects I used Grunt, which completely changed how I worked.

5. Talk to me about the lectures. What do they cover? Do they affect your current work, or are the lectures about being in the field? Which one had the biggest impact on you?

There are too many to go into detail, but they definitely relate to the real-world as well as common interview questions.

6. What has been your favorite project this far?

I'm a graduate, but I really liked the algorithm sprint.

7. What is the atmosphere like on campus?

Lively & enthusiastic - it is very energizing.

8. How approachable are the staff and guest speakers?

The staff are always available. It depends on the guest speaker but most will stay after their talks for questions and mingling.

9. What is your goal upon completing the course?

My goal was to become a web developer & change the world!

For more questions about Hack Reactor or other San Francisco programming schools, email contact@hackreactor.com!