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Software development career path: Why take a Methodologies + Requirements Gathering course?

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When it comes to agile software development, a couple things need to be in place in order to meet the most pressing needs of an organization. Every agile process should identify good requirements, which are the start of healthy software development. In tandem, there should be a strong emphasis on the iterative and organic growth of software.

Over time, however, the industry has lost most of its diversity with respect to how software is made. Scrum has become the industry standard for agile transformation, even when it’s not necessarily the best process to use in every case. Determining the best process for you, your business, and your customers depends on a variety of factors. In our 6-week Methodologies + Requirements Gathering course, you’ll survey and practice multiple agile software development methodologies and requirements gathering frameworks to help you accelerate increases in productivity and transparency for whatever case you encounter. 

More on how these two subjects fit together

Creating robust records of how software should behave is like fuel for the engine of software development. Without adequate fuel, the engine sputters, misfires, and eventually stops working. This course is focused on the relationship between methodologies and requirements gathering, and helps prevent engine failure by giving you and your team the correct way to create the fuel itself. There are more ways to build software than with Scrum and User Stories. You can mix and match different frameworks, but only if you know how they complement one another.

But aren’t User Stories the best way to gather requirements? 

Much of this answer depends on your customer and your team. It might be useful for you, but it may not be your best bet. For more than twenty years, developers following agile principles have developed other ways to describe working software that do not devolve into “big upfront design.” Using the Connextra format, business use cases, or design packets can help you optimize your software development practice in a safe, scalable, and sustainable way.

Why do so many companies use Scrum if it isn’t the best methodology?

Scrum identifies itself as a framework from which you can build your own agile software development methodology. This is broad, and naturally, it can lead to some very bad implementations of Scrum. Many shops turn to methodologies that have stronger practices, such as XP, FDD, and AUP. Using an alternative to Scrum can make everyone happier, including customers, developers, product managers, and C-level executives.

Interested in learning more about this course? Visit the course page for information about upcoming course dates, instructors, projects, prerequisites, and more.