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Staff Member Mentors Students to Optimize Career Outcomes

Hack Reactor

Staff Member Mentors Students to Optimize Career Outcomes's Image

Hack Reactor measures its success on student outcomes and the return on investment our students receive. In addition to a top-of-the-line programming skill set, students need to be prepared to negotiate the job market while keeping their career aspirations in mind. Now, Blake Williams joins our team as Director of Student Outcomes, to mentor students through turning their programming ability into a fulfilling career.

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Blake Williams joins the Hack Reactor team as our Director of Student Outcomes.

“I’m in charge of making sure students and grads get on the right track, make wise choices, and get on an efficient path toward where they want to be,” Williams explains.

Professional skills make up an important component of our curriculum. To be fully realized as Software Engineers, students need a career-oriented perspective and communication abilities that will serve them in interviews and on software development teams.

“More than just learning how to code, students are also here to learn how to do a job search, how to interview, how to interact with employers. This skill set probably has a bigger direct impact on their life than teaching someone physics in high school.”

Williams spent a decade practicing law before deciding to change careers after consulting with mentors and coaches. Having seen the effect that career mentorship had on his own life, he is excited to provide that for our students.

“I had a really amazing career coach and some great mentors,” he recalls. “My conversations with them were life changing. It’s nice to have an effect on people’s lives and to be able to help talented, brilliant people who are facing the uncertainties of not having a job and the terror of facing the unknown. It’s great to provide comfort and guidance.”

Williams first took a similar role with RocketU, another coding school, before coming to Hack Reactor. He quickly found that the tech world suited him in ways that law never did.

“I like the ‘anything can happen’ vibe, the entrepreneurial spirit, the belief that ‘if we can’t do it, we’ll figure out a way how’,” he says.

While he loved working at RocketU, Williams got the sense that Hack Reactor was unique among coding schools, both for its quality and its constant drive to improve.

“Hack Reactor is the best in the business, but no one at the school is satisfied with that,” Williams observes. “I look at law school as more or less a waste of $150,000-200,000. It should have been over after a year, but instead I had to stay in there two more years taking electives. I think what Hack Reactor is onto now is a way to make education more efficient and more affordable.”

Williams is now an integral part of that process, and a boon to students as they embark on the exciting next stage of their careers.

Want to launch the next stage of your career? Apply to Hack Reactor today!

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