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Student’s Advice to Anyone on the Fence about Applying to Hack Reactor: Just Go For It

Hack Reactor

Student’s Advice to Anyone on the Fence about Applying to Hack Reactor: Just Go For It's Image

Austen Talbot made a decision in 2013 to take his technical skills to the next level. He got started with extensive self-study. Like many before him, he found that, “these tools [to learn programming] exist in abundance for beginners, but slowly thin out until you’re left without much direction as an intermediate user.” He took on coding projects where he could, but it wasn't bringing him to the expertise he wanted.

 Austen Talbot's one regret with Hack Reactor is not applying sooner.

Somewhere along the line, he heard about Hack Reactor.

“I read their blog, student blogs, Quora posts, and news articles,” Talbot writes. “The two biggest draws were the outcome statistics (job placement and salary) and the rigor (class time and curriculum).”

He also couldn’t help but notice the consistent enthusiasm Hack Reactor students had for the program.

“I didn’t read a single negative thing about Hack Reactor which, at first, seemed too good to be true, but as I kept hearing more, it became clear that it was really just an honest reflection of the program’s quality.”

Once he decided to take the plunge and apply, Hack Reactor’s sterling reputation made Talbot hesitate. Worried he wouldn’t make the cut, he spent a long time strengthening his skills. In retrospect, he wishes he hadn’t waited. For anyone thinking of applying, he has this advice:

“I would say to make sure you're prepared with a good foundational knowledge of Javascript but not to overdo it. I probably should have applied months before I actually did, but I spent a lot of time trying to learn as much as possible on my own. The biggest benefit is getting to Hack Reactor as soon as possible because you'll learn so much better and faster here than you can on your own.

Check out Talbot’s full thoughts on why he chose Hack Reactor and his experience of the Pre-Course material. Ready to apply? Click here!

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