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Development Sprint Client: Stock Twits

Hack Reactor

Major Finance Social Network StockTwits Works with Hack Reactor to Bring Enhanced User Features To More Than 300,000 Members

“I was really excited about it. When I was in school I was always looking for ways to get hands-on experience. It’s so valuable, but often hard to find. With the Product Development Sprint, Hack Reactor software engineers get great real-world experience and I get work done that we wouldn’t otherwise get to - as well as exposure to potential hires.”               Chris Corriveau, CTO


The Development Challenge

Chris Corriveau is CTO of San Diego-based StockTwits. His development team is largely community-driven and places high importance on user-submitted feature requests. As a result, there’s always a sizeable backlog of useful but less-than-critical features the platform would benefit from having. So the challenge was - how can the team balance maintaining and supporting their current product, furthering the business agenda, and implementing the value-adds requested by high-profile users?

Enter Hack Reactor

Chris was immediately interested when he learned about Hack Reactor’s Product Development Sprint contracting service. With what amounts to a small army of high-level student engineers available immediately, he could now see a clear path to get both the major initiatives and nice-to-have projects done on two simultaneous tracks. Plus, StockTwits wouldn’t be the only one benefiting from the arrangement – the projects would contribute to the professional development of budding software engineers and add a real-world project to their portfolio. To top it off, Chris’ team would have a chance to connect with soon-to-be-employable engineers. Win/win.

Projects and Outcomes

StockTwits was one of the first client companies to take part in the Hack Reactor Product Development Sprint, working with our student teams on four projects throughout the last year. The projects range from enabling StockTwits users to embed a StockTwits message into an existing web page with just a simple cut and paste, to a Chrome extension that allows an investor to quickly clip and share a chart on the StockTwits platform. “I’m really looking forward to our next Product Development Sprint project with Hack Reactor”, said Corriveau.  “It is right in line with my own learn-by-doing philosophy as well as being a truly enjoyable experience. Goodness all around.”

About StockTwits

StockTwits® is a communications platform for the financial and investing community. The company was founded in 2008 by long-time investor Howard Lindzon. StockTwits created the $Cashtag tag to enable and organize “streams” of information around stocks and markets across the web and social media. These streams provide new forms of insight, ideas and information that are used by investors, analysts, media and others as they research stocks and manage their investments. Today, more than 300,000 investors, market professionals and public companies share information and ideas about the market and individual stocks using StockTwits, producing streams that are viewed by an audience of over 40 million across the financial web and social media platforms.