1. Student Team Builds JavaScript Battle: A Game for Artificial Intelligence Aficionados and Newbies

    While it’s easier than ever for lay people to learn the basics of coding through online programs like codecademy, the bar for artificial intelligence programming is still prohibitively high for most people. That’s what motivated a team of Hack Reactor students, led by Greg Trowbridge, to build JS Battle, an artificial intelligence game that welcomes newbies to the field, but is engaging for experienced AI coders. The project topped the popular news aggregator Hacker News on the first day of its release.

  2. Instructor Marcus Phillips Teaches Dynamic & Inspiring Training Track at 2014 JS Conf

    Instructor Marcus Phillips taught this year’s Training Track at JS Conf, which ended on Friday. JS Conf is among the premier JavaScript conferences in the country, and the Training Track is a program to bring novice programmers up to speed with JavaScript. As a lead instructor at Hack Reactor, Marcus is quite adept at packing a lot of information into a short period of time, and that’s exactly what this key role at JS Conf called for.

  3. Know Basic JavaScript and Looking to Level Up? Check Out Hack Reactor Junior!

    While online classes are generally enough to get a dedicated self-studier started on JavaScript, there is a dearth of resources to bring learners up to an intermediate level. This is especially true for in-person classes, which generally start from zero or from a level of significant comfort with JavaScript. That’s where Hack Reactor Junior, a one-week JavaScript fundamentals class, comes in.

  4. Heartbleed Bug: How a JavaScript Coder Handled the CloudFlare Challenge

    The Heartbleed bug is rare to have made it into mainstream fame. While laypeople mostly need to know that it's time to change their passwords, coders ought to give Heartbleed more attention. At a minimum, the Heartbleed bug is a strong warning to not get sloppy with code. At a maximum, Heartbleed has the potential to force the mother of all redesigns in how the internet does security.