1. Hack Reactor Sponsors Ionic Framework Workshop on Cross-Platform Mobile Development

    Developers from Ionic hosted a workshop over the weekend on their popular framework at The Douglas, Hack Reactor’s alumni lounge. Ionic, which has been connected with Hack Reactor since its early stages, allows JavaScript developers to build mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Windows and even Blackberry. Ionic, which is built on top of Angular.js, provides a framework for developers who are less familiar with mobile-specific languages to build high-functioning mobile apps. Hack Reactor students and Instructors have been working with Ionic since its fledgling stages, and by the time that Ionic was a fully realized framework, many in the Hack Reactor community were intimately familiar with Ionic development.

  2. Remote Beta Student Chibueze Ukaegbu to Start JavaScript-Focused School in Nigeria

    When Hack Reactor announced its Remote Beta program, back in June, it was “a dream, a miracle” for Chibueze Ukaegbu. The ability to take Hack Reactor’s course without relocating from his home in Nigeria burgeoned a mission that Ukaegbu had committed to before he’d even heard of Hack Reactor: starting TechHub, a JavaScript-based programming school in Nigeria.

  3. Grow Your Professional Network 20 Minutes At A Time Thanks to Student App

    Whether you are just starting a career or fully embedded in an industry, solid contacts are invaluable. Right now, people mostly use friends of friends or industry events to network. Social networks such as LinkedIn can be used to make connections, but like Facebook, LinkedIn is usually more about acknowledging an existing relationship than creating a new one, especially one of real substance.

    That’s where Twenty comes in. The project, a work-in-progress from a team of Hack Reactor students, connects users with professionals in their area for 20-minute meet-ups.

  4. Hack Reactor Grad's Open Source Angular.js Animation Library Makes a Splash

    Hack Reactor grad Scott Moss whipped up a simple, open source animation library for angular.js. The library grew out of some work Moss was doing for his personal website:

    "I did a deep dive on animations for Angular," Moss explains. "I realized that what I created was a library. So I made it a little more usable, then made it free."